Monday, June 1, 2015

Incredible Milestone

So last night, after singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" we had to go to the grocery store. While there we spotted some fun Star Wars popcorn tubs. We bought R2D2 for me, Darth Vador for Dad, and Yoda for Ashton. We told Ashton when she was ready for a movie, we'd eat from the special popcorn tub.

Well, Ashton begged to see a movie. But if you know Ashton, any time we put in any movie, even a musical, the moment the songs stop and talking ensues, she gets bored and walks away. We can't get her to sit for a 1/2 hour show. This girl likes to be engaged. So we've tried multiple attempts, some close with musicals, but she keeps wondering off not interested anymore.

Well, we knew she just wanted the popcorn, but we told her okay. So we asked her which bucket she wanted to eat out of for movie night. She said Vador. So we popped the corn and asked her what movies she wanted to see. She said superheroes. The first movie I thought of was "The Incredibles". However, that has absolutely NO singing at all. How would she ever focus? She didn't know the movie, but said superheroes. So we played the movie.

She watched the whole thing. Yes, she got up a couple of times, bathroom, moving about, but she watched the whole thing from beginning to end. We were so impressed. We were very proud of her. When I asked her who was her favorite superhero, she told me the baby. Jack Jack, the baby, is barely in it. But hey, why not? I'm just glad she enjoyed it. Throughout the film, she commented several times that she liked the movie.

Of course that just has encouraged her father and I to try more movies we're dying to share with her. We're talking about a family movie/game night once a week, if she keeps up the interest.

But of course you can't go a step forward without taking a few backwards.

She was barely asleep over an hour when she woke up screaming. I rushed to her room and she was crying. I held her asking what was wrong. All I could get out of her was she was scared. I couldn't get her back down even with me there. And she begged to sleep with us. And since she had been sleeping well for a couple weeks. I obliged. So we made room for her to camp out by the foot of our bed on the floor. She went to sleep content.

I hope she doesn't go back to not sleeping through the night. These last 2 weeks of her sleeping peacefully have been great! But of course I wasn't holding my breath that we were out of the woods yet. But still, I'm hoping that we're not back to not sleeping every night. That this was more of a hiccup rather than back to normal. So after tonight, I'll have a better gauge on the situation. Sigh!

But regardless, we still hit a milestone and we're proud of her watching a movie.
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