Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day DIY Project

Most father's take the day off, sleep in. Not this dad in this family. We had a DIY project to do. We went to the hardware store to finish buying the rest of the supplies we needed. But I had to be sure to get in a good Father's Day photo of the two of them.

We had the  flooring, but not the trim boards. And we got a floor joist, because we thought that the fireplace may had sunken the floor a bit near it and had to push it up level and then screw it in place.

So here is our before shots. The carpet as you can tell started rolling in a couple of spots and with muddy paws from 6 dogs and 3 cats, it wasn't fun to wash every few months.

So we decided to go to a floating floor. And we finally found one that we liked the design of the wood and could afford. So we started in on our project.

Ashton found out we would be moving the furniture to the kitchen to get it out of the way. So she quickly climbed back on the couch to enjoy sitting down.

Then she decided she didn't want us to move the furniture and grappled the arm down so we couldn't lift it away. Ha!! Cute how she thinks.

But despite her best efforts, we were able to move the furniture off the carpet and start to work. And working around a toddler and 6 dogs and 3 cats... that's quite a feat!

We ripped up the carpet and started rolling up the old padding.

Dawson supervised that part of the job. Then I had to pull out all the staples and tid bits that were left stuck in the floor. And it was Ashton's job to follow me with a bucket and pick up CAREFULLY any loose staples, nails, padding she could find. And man, was I impressed. She did it, loved doing it, and did it very well! I was so proud. I took photos of her when she completed her project!

Notice her little bucket beside her. She never spilled them or cut herself or horsed around. She was serious about her task!

And since this girl just saw 'The Croods' she gave herself a little fanfare. Then we began using the shop vac together to sweep up. She loved sweeping!

While we were doing this, Dad was downstairs in the basement using the joist. And we came to a problem. It wasn't that the floor had sunk near the fireplace, but that we had a small hump in the middle of the floor. So we loosened the boards to see what we were dealing with.

Yep, big gap. This set us back about 5 hours. He had to go buy more wood and reset stuff. It was a pain for him. But it did get level. And it was worth it. Just pushed our 1 day DIY project way behind schedule.

As he was banging down below, doing his thing, Ashton had to do the same. She got her tool kit and began banging away as well. Oh, it was super cute!!

I finally found her real Ashton-size hammer rather than play hammer, and she got to work "pounding" out the floor to make it level.

It was quite the juggling act keeping track of her play "tools" t be sure they were always up and not taken by Khaleesi. As Khaleesi loved to run off with the real tools.

My little mischief makers!

So now the floor was level and finally ready to have the new padding and floor laid down.

This is the point where it got to be Ashton's bedtime. So I got to bed, telling her she'd see the new room in the morning. She was so disappointed not to see the project through.

With Ashton skipping her nap, she was able to sleep just fine through the noise of snapping and pounding the floor pieces together. And in the end, though we didn't fully complete the job, we had trim to add and edging from the tile to the wood, but we wanted the furniture in to see how'd it look. We wanted our DIY project to seem complete as we gave ourselves 1 day to complete. So technically though we'll finish on Monday, we are calling this a success and completed in 1 day.

We are very excited of our new space. There are still a few extra "things we have plans for in this room, but we got the main part done! Yay!!! We are proud of ourselves.

And I know Ashton will be thrilled to have her furniture back in place.
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