Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dragon Boat Festival Picnic

Saturday was the Dragon Boat Festival, and unlike last year, this year, it was a disappointment. Last year they actually had a dragon boat which the kids could ride, there was the southern lion dance, drums, hula-hoops, bubbles and more. This year, only water guns.

Now don't get me wrong, it was still great. Ashton had fun. But since the FCC (Families with Children from China) dissolved this year I suppose the effort to make this a dragon boat festival just went out the window. I was expecting more than just a picnic.

So after the 10-15 minute water fight, Ashton got bored. She ate and then just wanted to run down to the folk festival and watch them play music, rather than stay with the picnic party. And who could blame her.

We would have said the day was a bit of a bust, except for the couple we just met that day. We met Mr. L and Miss I and their 10 month baby girl Miss E. They just got matched last month to their daughter in China. She is about 9 months older than Miss E. They will hopefully be going to get her around September. The kicker, is Miss I is Finnish! It was like two worlds combined for me. My BFF is Finnish and to meet Miss I and get her and hear her adoption tale, it was awesome! She even helped me text some Finnish to my BF to surprise her. It was fun. And what's cute is Miss I's name is my BF's Miss M's middle name. And they're both from the same area in Finland. How crazy is that?

I really liked them and hope to see them again. It's always great when you meet someone you connect with. I just hope it pans out. But if not, they made the day there so much fun, and I'm grateful for that.

Maybe next year will travel someone further for a more involved Dragon Boat Festival experience.
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  1. I read your post about last year's event and it does sound great. Bummer about this year, though there a number of things you could still do to celebrate the festival, if you're looking for ideas. The easiest would be to check out a children's book about the festival or make toy dragon boats as a crafting project. Both are in the family checklist I published today at Cheers.


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