Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day with Daddy

Mommy had a girls' day out. So Ashton and Daddy had a special Daddy-Daughter day. He took her to the Children's Museum and to the Zoo.

Naturally, Ashton had to ride the carousel. She rode it 5 times!! She loves that carousel. I bet she would have ridden it more if Daddy let her. But there is more to the Children's Museum than the carousel. But nothing beats that carousel. She says it goes up really high!

The next highlight was the cars! First, she went in and was racing hot wheel cars down the track. Then she climbed into the car in the winner's circle.

She spent a couple minutes "driving" until she noticed the car driving video games and ran that way.

She had to wait in line and was very patient. Then she got in and sat in daddy's lap and he pressed the gas while she steered on her own. She got to actually race an adult. And she was way, way, way behind. But by the last lap she had somehow snuck up and it became a close race in the last 10 seconds. He flipped his car by accident and Ashton won by a couple seconds. Everyone in line laughed that a 3 year old beat grown man.

Then they made their way to the zoo. And the zoo was jammed packed. It was the perfect day for the zoo. Not hot, not cold and cloudy. Everyone was about and it was hard to get anywhere.

The penguin area was too busy. So Ashton wanted to see the polar bear anyway and somehow got prime front row view of the polar bear playing with it's ball in the water. Ashton was delighted. She sat there for a good five minutes watching him play. She laughed and said he had a ball like Khaleesi, our dalmatian.

From there she wanted to see the tiger, who was sleeping and told the crowd, "Shhhh. He's sleeping." in a loud, hushed voice.

Then was the koala exhibit that just opened. Ashton loved seeing him get pulled off the branches and fed.

She wanted to see the baby elephant and loved watching them. On the way out she discovered a fox shirt for sale. But Daddy didn't know what size to get her, so she didn't get the shirt. So she is anxious to get back to get the fox shirt.
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