Thursday, May 28, 2015


With the medal Ashton got the night before, last night I encouraged her to show me her somersaults and back bends. She happily obliged. If she learned anything else, I don't know about it and I haven't "seen" it.

So after playing catch (it was raining outside so today was indoor play) with the tennis ball a few times, she performed her tumbling skills.

Ashton, to say in the least, was very entertaining. Of course at bedtime, Ashton wanted to wear her medal to bed. She wore it all through story-time and being rocked, but I got it off her before getting tucked in for the night. But she was determined to sleep with the tennis ball we had played with. And oddly enough, it was still in bed with her this morning when I woke her up. Such a silly girl!
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