Sunday, May 3, 2015

Simple Sunday

Nothing truly special about today, but just a lot of play. Dad was out working on the yard as I tried to keep the pups and Ashton in line. She was having fun doing a chair flip, in which her dad finally told her she had to stop, not for her safety, but as to not break the chair.

What got me was she was just cracking herself up. I love her laugh, she has a genuine laugh that is so contagious. I love it. I could have sat there and watched her flip all day, just to watch herself laugh about it.

She was running and bouncing about all day. Finally, Mr. D her buddy from next door came out to play with her. They adore each other, and I love to see them play, but they chase each other and they always end up with scrapes, like the one by her eye from last week.  Well, today she ran and full and got a boo-boo on her knee. I bandaged it up with a R2D2 band-aid and all was good again. Then Mr. D. scraped his knee really well. So we the parents of the two banned running except in the grass. Did they listen? Nope. And Ashton ended up with a nasty scrape on her elbow. Darth Vadar band-aid was using the force on that one to make it all better. I just can't believe in that matter of 30 minutes we ended up with so many scrapes from the sidewalk between our two yards.

Ashton loves sticks. They're a violin bow, drumming sticks, or lightsabers. I got video of her drumming my knees. Excuse my husbands mess behind, the yard work being done.

She's definitely entertaining. I then took Khaleesi to the dog park during Ashton's nap. When I came back she was in a change of clothing. She came outside with daddy after her nap and wasn't able to make it into the house on time to go potty. So she got changed into shorts and a froggie top. You can see the R2 bandage on her knee there and a bit of the Vadar one on her elbow around Khaleesi.

Despite the boo-boos and accident, it was a really good day for Ashton, running about and playing. We all went to share an ice cream later to Ashton's delight. It's our first taste of a warm weekend and that Spring is officially here. We're hoping to get the front yard done and having it all prettied up soon.
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