Sunday, May 17, 2015

Silly Saturday

Early Saturday morning, before Ashton's bath, I told her we had a surprise for her - in her bathroom. Now her bathroom is Paris Hello Kitty. It has a whole Paris theme in there. But inside her tub (Behind the Paris Hello Kitty Shower curtain, she has a green frog faucet protector and Toothless the dragon loofah sponge, which are the only things that don't "go" with her theme. We;;, we just added to that. Friday night her daddy and I "redecorated" her bathtub, much to her delight.

It's hard to tell in the photos, but we stuck Star Wars stickers around the perimeter of her tub. She has all the main characters and the spaceships. She was thrilled! She told us that Yoda was her favorite. I think because he is Ashton's size and green!

We then had to head to violin practice. But I wanted a few snapshots of my girl. She just was extra cute today.

I love her posing with her violin really quickly. I was worried, but it came out really well. She has another concert the first weekend in June. But this time instead of going last, she gets to go first. She will play a small section of "Old MacDonald". She's been very excited talking about the concert and when it is.

So we had planned on working out in the yard this weekend. However, the morning before her violin was the only time it didn't rain. So we decided to go to Zionsville to a store there for fun, and discovered they were having a festival.

We decided to mosey about. And under one of the tents was Silly Safaris. Ashton has seen them a few times. They're always great! She really enjoyed the performance. She wasn't as loud as the other kids, but she would waive her hand trying to volunteer and would smile seeing the animals. This performance she got to see a scary rabbit named Fufu. A bullfrog named Buba. An owl named Hoosier. And an alligator - I don't remember his name. There were other animals we got a peak of, like the snake and armadillo. However, they were to appear in the next show. And we couldn't stay for the next show if we were to make it to Chinese dance class.

However, Ashton wanted to pet them all. But they were only allowing the rabbit and alligator to be petted.

Ashton was fearless. She loved the little alligator. She really loved the festival. We saw lots of things and bought a few fun things to. Not on our list of things to do, but great diversion, even with all the rain.

When I tucked Ashton in later on that night, she said thank you for the festival and that she really had fun. It really made an impression. She couldn't stop talking about it the next day!

I'm glad we were able to steal some fun memories and enjoy a day out. The yard work will still be there.
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