Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mama's Day Out

Ashton and I got a quick couple of Mother's Day shots together in the morning.

Khaleesi kept wanting to be in the shot, but not facing the camera.

We then went to look at some flowers we wanted to plant at the front of the house. And at one of the nurseries there was a sand box. Ashton dug right in and it gave us a chance to really look at the flowers and ask questions. When we came back to her she had buckets of sand in water and her clothes were soaked with wet sand. Not a great look for white pants.

Later that night we took Ashton out to eat with my Mom for Mother's Day. Ashton picked out her dress from a few I laid out for her to wear. Of course she choose the green dress.

While at the restaurant, Ashton's hair came down, she sat by herself then in Dad's lap, then mine and LauLau's. She was singing, drumming, the loudest I've ever heard her in public. My girl who we always ask to speak up, is finding her voice.

Ashton was ticked at the end because LauLau brought her a Star Wars lightsaber. Ashton was so excited. She wanted to swing it around in the parking lot. Of course she wouldn't do it up on the small hill, just the parking lot.

Ashton slept with the lightsaber in her bed. She was very happy to be an official Padawan. When we can have her not swing it at the camera while taking a photo, I may be able to capture her with it. She is still learning the art of control of a swing.

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