Friday, May 8, 2015


This photo has nothing to do with today's blog, other than every now and then I send Mr. J (Ashton's Godfather) photos of her in camo. He wants to get her little waders and take her duck hunting with him. I said maybe skeet shooting. But he always gets a kick out of her wearing camo he has bought her so I always send him photos like the one above, when she's wearing them.

However, today, Ashton brought home a Mommy's Day gift she made at daycare. It was a bejeweled purse she created and inside was a chocolate bar. Ashton was so proud.

Of course she accidentally dropped the purse and it ripped, but no matter. Ashton was very anxious to eat the chocolate bar she gave me. Which I was more than happy to offer her.

We then walked Khaleesi together and played with some legos together with Daddy. I love Friday nights when she can stay up a little later and we do fun things together.
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