Friday, May 1, 2015

Little Ladybug

Ashton's Daycare today has an annual pool party. Today they'll have a plastic swimming pool out and a sandbox and play in their swimsuits. Ashton had been looking forward to this for a while.

She finally fits into the ladybug swimsuit her LauLau bought while we were waiting to be matched. And boy is she adorable!

I'm so glad it warmed up today for it too, it was only in the 50s yesterday. It'll be in the high 60s today.

After she got dressed for the day, she usually goes down a couple of steps and grabs the rail and holds out her hand for my hand. Well, today she went down about 3 steps, no rail, and lost her footing and fell down the flight of stairs. It was awful because I saw it all happen, I knew it was happening, but couldn't get to her fast enough. All I could do was watch and scream. She didn't make a noise.

She hit her back and head at the bottom of the platform. I rushed down and cuddled her and asked if she was okay. She shook her head yes. She was a little startled, but eased up after about 30 seconds. Then she wanted to say good morning to the dogs and insisted I take her picture with Kiara.

I knew all was good then, and I happily obliged. That girl! More tumbles and scrapes. Thank God she is resilient and I've learned to shrug most of them off so she can too. But still, she can make my heart stop with all her accidents. But I couldn't imagine a cautious child. Do they exist?

I can't wait to hear how her pool party went today.
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