Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy First Birthday, Khaleesi

Today Khaleesi is 1 year old! She in no longer "months old". She is still ALL PUPPY, but has survived or we have survived making it to this milestone. We got her in August, so we haven't had her for a year yet. But it's definitely been an adventure.

Here are some of my favs of Khaleesi over the year.

Before our Day out with the birthday pup, we went to our community theater for the Memorial Day breakfast. There was Mr. J and Mrs. J, Ashton's Godparents to spend part of the morning with her.

She was so excited to see them. But I couldn't get a smile out of her until she wouldn't sit still. It was one or the other.

After breakfast we decided to take Khaleesi out to get a new collar, as she broke her last one... my favorite one that had her name spelled out.

So we went out and had fun and she got spoiled. We bought her a new toy, leash, and collar. She even got a few birthday biscuits. We then decided to stop by the dog park. As it had been raining all morning, and we had a clearing for her to play, there weren't many dogs about. She ran and had a blast. I love to see her run.

We then headed home for dinner and some down time. But not without a few more pics of the birthday girl!

It was so nice to have a "holiday" with the family after working on the backyard with the bobcat, doing housework, and watching Ashton. Just hanging out is the best.Image and video hosting by 


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