Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Medal

Ashton's last day of gymnastics was yesterday. It's so weird to know she was taking gymnastics and to never have seen it. I got a few pictures from her daycare back when, but nothing for her final day. I heard she did well, and I know now and then she didn't listen and would go in time out for either cutting or goofing off, but that's all I know.

Well, for "completing the course", Ashton received a medal. She was so excited about it and made sure I got it out of her bag for her when I arrived to pick her up.

Of course I cant' get her to ever tell me about her gymnastics that day. And the gymnastics instructor, I've never met. And there are so many kids, if I ask how her class went, well the daycare providers were taking care of the children not in gymnastics. So I don't really ever know.

I do remember a few weeks ago she did want to show off her new move she learned. She did a backbend of sorts. I kept calling her a table and we couldn't resist tickling her when her little belly button would pop out beneath her shirt.

She wanted it to hang on her closet doorknob so she could "wear" it whenever she felt like it.

What was funny, was this morning, she didn't understand why she couldn't wear it to daycare like her other necklaces. She wanted to wear it and it's meant to be worn, why not now?

I told her she could wear it when she got back. She's very proud of her medal. And I'm proud of her and her accomplishment, even though I wasn't there to witness it. At least I know she had fun.
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