Saturday, May 2, 2015

Birthday Costume Party

Ashton was very excited about celebrating Ms. A's 2nd birthday. It was a costume party and Ashton wanted to wear her sing-son light up dress and heels. I thought she'd be one of 20 Elsas there, but she was the only one, surprisingly.

There was a pinata, bubbles, food, and the kids got along pretty well. Ashton kept taking their toy guitar and playing it like a violin.

It was fun and Ashton loved getting to wear her shoes out in public. She asked to wear her heels all day and if she could wear her costume and shoes to daycare on Monday.  Sounds like a typical 3 year old to me. But alas, I got her in regular street clothes and sneakers.

It was the first really warm day. And we took advantage by grilling out for dinner. We had burgers, brats, and dogs on the grill. Ashton did a good job eating her mini-burger and hot dog. She tried the potato salad, but wasn't fond of it. But fell in love with the cheddar and sour cream ruffles chips. But at that age, isn't any chip regardless of flavor a good chip?

Later that night, we tried for the first time to have Ashton sleep with Kiara. Kiki was so good. She just hunkered down and stayed put, guarding our little girl. Ashton loved it. We'll see if this arrangement keeps up. Regardless, it was sweet at least for the moment. I love Kiara's upside-down head in the photo as if saying, "What?"

At least her first "slumber party" was a success. Thought per usual, Ashton had trouble getting to bed and falling asleep and staying asleep. But that's our typical everyday or night.
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