Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watching Your Child Blossom

Where does the time go? It is such a cliche to hear that children grow up so fast. You hear it all the time. And I'm right here with her everyday. We've had 2 years together. Yet, somehow my girl changes constantly and is growing up that it's not the same girl from month to month. She hits so many milestones.  And somehow I feel like I'm missing it.

I've tried a few feeble attempts of making a Gotcha Day picture book and China Trip book for her. I can so do it, but somehow I feel that either the photos don't capture it enough or I don't know. It's just not coming together the way I want. And I don't have the time to really sit down and focus on it like I would want to.

So I'm sure seeing all those pictures of her as a tiny little baby has made me a bit nostalgic. But she was the most beautiful baby.

I'm with her everyday, waking her up, helping her get dressed, feeding her, picking her up and dropping her off at daycare, giving her baths, getting her ready for bed, playing with her... yet somehow I feel like I'm so caught up keeping up with her I'm missing things. Even though I blog about all the important events... somehow it's not enough. I don't feel like I'm soaking up everything. That I'm forgetting or overlooking something.

But working and having a family of 6 dogs (1 being a puppy) and 3 cats, including a toddler, I'm exhausted. I feel like I've aged so much. It's like I'm to tired to really focus on the soaking of her rather than just keeping up with her. Then there is the constant battle of her not listening (the terrible 3s, the 2s were a breeze other than the sleeping and car rides)... which so breaks that nostalgic feeling.

But regardless, I'm sure every parent feels this way. I've just got to try and take it day by day and hope I'm doing it right and capturing her childhood the best way I can for her to see one day. There's just not enough photos or video in the world to capture her growing up the rapid way children do. It's a fleeting, beautiful, tiring thing to witness!
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