Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Road Rash

My crazy, silly, innocent, little girl! She keeps you on your toes. She's as sweet as can be and means well, but she is 3 and listening isn't her strong suite. This girl loves to climb and run and be outside all the time, even if it's freezing! So I try to oblige her when I can to play outside, but with the rain and the weather going up and down, it's not always possible.

Well, we were outside and she was running. But because she was wearing crocs, I told her not to run. But she didn't listen and did a face-plant into the concrete! Ouch!  She cried and I scooped her up like a baby and brought her in. She had a feint scratch near her eye, but I knew it'd look worse on day 2. She cried until I asked her to be brave and she'd get a sucker, a rare treat. She stopped immediately and went back outside... running... in her crocs... again, though I told her not to. I brought out her sneakers and made her wear them since not running wasn't in her vocabulary.

That girl! Sigh! The photo is from day 2, not moments after the fall. So it looks bad. But luckily doesn't bother this feisty girl.

I'm just glad that it wasn't a lot worse. But scrapes and boo-boos are a part of life and a lot of childhood. And it's not slowing her down.
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  1. Briana never just walked at that age either. She ran and danced everywhere. A perfect storm for falling and scraping - LOL! Luckily our girls are tough. :)


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