Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monster Under the Bed

My little girl lately has been waking up every night again. Not to foot pain, just waking up and being scared. We moved the play pen/pop up crib out of our room a couple months ago, thinking it enabled her to always want to sleep in our room. So we gave her the option to come to our room if she ever got scared and sleep on the floor. Not the best solution, but we wanted her to feel welcome, but not prefer it. And we'd be up all night if she joined us in bed. Both her and I are thrashers.

So for about 2 weeks now, Ashton has been crying every night and we've brought her to our room, put a soft blanket on the floor, brought her daisy and Peanut (her little fox). She's been very happy sleeping this way. We try and talk to her every night about not being scared, and that we're here... but so far no avail.

She's also been going through a sleeping without pajamas phase for about a month. She says it's too itchy and sweaty. So she sleeps in just her pull up. She's potty trained, with the exception of a pull up overnight.

So last night, same thing. Ashton cried and we brought her to our room and she fell asleep content.

I found her this morning under my bed! Just two small legs peeking out. Even her fox is barely poking out!  Peyton was a dear and watched her all night.

I almost tripped over her legs, not expecting her there. Silly girl!! Glad I didn't hurt her, myself, or the cat. I was trying not to step on her which I thought she'd be further out so kept my legs to land close to my side of the bed... where her legs were. What a way to get up in the morning!

I've got to find a way for her to go back to her room and sleep in her bed. What if I wake and don't find her next time? Ha!

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