Friday, April 17, 2015

Grecian Lady

Ashton wore her shirt from her Godmother from Finaland. She bought it in Greece. I just wanted to be sure to show what a beautiful Grecian lady she was!

But that was about the extent of her being a lady today. She was a terror the rest of the time. She wouldn't even do her violin lesson. She wouldn't stand, she wouldn't look, she whined, she was a mess. People keep telling me it's because she's three and it's what happens. But still... doesn't make it any easier. She has many days like this, where she won't listen, only whines and complains, and tests our resolve. It's exhausting. But then a small smile or a genuine compliment and your heart melts and you forget for a moment that she was making you almost rip out your hair.

Luckily, this little guy can perk me up if Ashton gets crazy. The hard part is when she's upset and riles Khaleesi and Kiara... then it's pure chaos! But little Ami, his sweet quiet devotion can help ground me. I just wish he like Ashton more, but he does humor her and give her kisses time to time. But she's still too much for my little man. Don't worry, there are many a time I feel the same way. :) But I know deep down she's an awesome girl, just going through growing pains.
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