Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big Girl Bed Day

We've been talking on and off about a big girl bed for quite awhile. We tried to have her earn it with sleeping through the night and her smileys, but it was still to intangible for her. Part of us wondered if she'd sleep better through the night if she got a big girl bed. But as we want to do a garage sale soon, it seemed best to see if she could sleep in her big girl bed and we give the crib a new life.

So we dissembled her toddler bed and set up her new bed.

Ashton kept asking at the bottom of the stairs if she could come up and see... and I'd keep telling her not yet. She was so anxious to see it all.

I wanted the reveal to be just so.  I was quite happy that there was more room than I thought there would be between the closet and the foot of her bed. We even were able to keep the rocker off to the corner.  I got all her foxes in place and the bed nice and took some pictures. Of course Peyton lives to be with Ashton and had to check out the new bed and inspect it for good paw fluffing.

Finally, she was allowed to enter.

She was rather excited.

This is her crazy, excited face of approval if you can believe it.

I remember back in November of 2012 (just a month before we were matched), painting the room and getting the crib in and painting it to match the rest of her furniture. We had the big girl bed before we found the crib.

By last year, she finally was big enough to climb out. Immediately, we transitioned her to a toddler bed last September.

Now here we are in April and she's in her big girl bed we hope for the rest of her childhood into her teen years.

Ashton was very excited about being tucked in that night, though as usual asked her nightly question if she can stay up longer.

We took a selfie to show we both fit on the bed... which of course you can't tell. But it still came out well.

Then I got her all situated, and rather than read to her in the rocker, I tucked her in bed and sat on the bed with her and read. She loved it.

Notice her sheets are fox?

She asked for Sassy to sleep with.  When I tried to leave she got scared. All the newness of everything. So I told her I had a surprise for her.

I came back with a big girl bed fox to sleep with. She clung to Trickster and was content.  Of course she did wake in the middle of the night all scared, but this time I got to lay down with her and comfort her. A much welcome change than before.

Very curious to see how the next few nights go in the new bed.
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