Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary

If you can believe it we were able to wear the same clothes we did two years ago, the day we all met in person and became a family. We did this last year as well. I know Ashton won't be able to keep this up, I didn't think she could this year, but who knows she may be able to next year, though it will all obviously be short by then.

April 8, 2013

April 8, 2014

April 8, 2015

It's amazing the photos we tried to recreate and fun to see what new photos we came up with.

This photo shoot was fun!

Then the normal photos. Just her in her favorite color wearing her favorite animal! The storms were getting so bad, Arwen wouldn't leave us be and we let her join the family photos.

Ashton had been looking forward to going to the Children's Museum for a long time. We hadn't gone since she cut her hair. And today she got to finally got to go back. All she talked about was going up and down on the carousel.

She would had ridden it a thousand times if we let her. But she rode it 3 times. She was thrilled! Then we explored the rest of the museum to see what was new. We went to the China exhibit again, and she took pictures of her with her buddy.

She tried on robes from Chinese theater. The size ran a little large for her.

We went to the TV and movies exhibit and had to get our photo taken with "Hook".

We saw the dinosaurs again, saw the new Transformers exhibit. There was lots to do. We then headed off to lunch.

We went home and headed to off for some fun before our special Gotcha Day dinner with family. Ashton was excited to see everyone and was anxious to eat her cake!

You'd think that'd be enough in a day, but as Ms. J couldn't make it as she was rehearsing for a play we stopped by the theater and gave her a surprise visit. She was so happy to see Ashton.

Ashton was so exhausted when we got home. She was falling asleep in the car. But when we got home, she was wide awake again. Funny how that works. But she kept saying how much fun she had for her day!

Happy Gotcha day, my precious baby girl! These past two years with you have been nothing short of amazing! I can't wait to see what more the future brings!

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