Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Road Rash

My crazy, silly, innocent, little girl! She keeps you on your toes. She's as sweet as can be and means well, but she is 3 and listening isn't her strong suite. This girl loves to climb and run and be outside all the time, even if it's freezing! So I try to oblige her when I can to play outside, but with the rain and the weather going up and down, it's not always possible.

Well, we were outside and she was running. But because she was wearing crocs, I told her not to run. But she didn't listen and did a face-plant into the concrete! Ouch!  She cried and I scooped her up like a baby and brought her in. She had a feint scratch near her eye, but I knew it'd look worse on day 2. She cried until I asked her to be brave and she'd get a sucker, a rare treat. She stopped immediately and went back outside... running... in her crocs... again, though I told her not to. I brought out her sneakers and made her wear them since not running wasn't in her vocabulary.

That girl! Sigh! The photo is from day 2, not moments after the fall. So it looks bad. But luckily doesn't bother this feisty girl.

I'm just glad that it wasn't a lot worse. But scrapes and boo-boos are a part of life and a lot of childhood. And it's not slowing her down.
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watching Your Child Blossom

Where does the time go? It is such a cliche to hear that children grow up so fast. You hear it all the time. And I'm right here with her everyday. We've had 2 years together. Yet, somehow my girl changes constantly and is growing up that it's not the same girl from month to month. She hits so many milestones.  And somehow I feel like I'm missing it.

I've tried a few feeble attempts of making a Gotcha Day picture book and China Trip book for her. I can so do it, but somehow I feel that either the photos don't capture it enough or I don't know. It's just not coming together the way I want. And I don't have the time to really sit down and focus on it like I would want to.

So I'm sure seeing all those pictures of her as a tiny little baby has made me a bit nostalgic. But she was the most beautiful baby.

I'm with her everyday, waking her up, helping her get dressed, feeding her, picking her up and dropping her off at daycare, giving her baths, getting her ready for bed, playing with her... yet somehow I feel like I'm so caught up keeping up with her I'm missing things. Even though I blog about all the important events... somehow it's not enough. I don't feel like I'm soaking up everything. That I'm forgetting or overlooking something.

But working and having a family of 6 dogs (1 being a puppy) and 3 cats, including a toddler, I'm exhausted. I feel like I've aged so much. It's like I'm to tired to really focus on the soaking of her rather than just keeping up with her. Then there is the constant battle of her not listening (the terrible 3s, the 2s were a breeze other than the sleeping and car rides)... which so breaks that nostalgic feeling.

But regardless, I'm sure every parent feels this way. I've just got to try and take it day by day and hope I'm doing it right and capturing her childhood the best way I can for her to see one day. There's just not enough photos or video in the world to capture her growing up the rapid way children do. It's a fleeting, beautiful, tiring thing to witness!
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Arrival to America

Two years ago this little waif of a thing came home to America! We had a grand welcoming committee at the airport! We were tired, and exhausted, but so glad to see friends and family eager to meet the little baby. She was amazed by the balloons (which she had never seen before) and wasn't scared at all. What an amazing girl she was and has grown to be in just the last 2 years!
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big Girl Bed Day

We've been talking on and off about a big girl bed for quite awhile. We tried to have her earn it with sleeping through the night and her smileys, but it was still to intangible for her. Part of us wondered if she'd sleep better through the night if she got a big girl bed. But as we want to do a garage sale soon, it seemed best to see if she could sleep in her big girl bed and we give the crib a new life.

So we dissembled her toddler bed and set up her new bed.

Ashton kept asking at the bottom of the stairs if she could come up and see... and I'd keep telling her not yet. She was so anxious to see it all.

I wanted the reveal to be just so.  I was quite happy that there was more room than I thought there would be between the closet and the foot of her bed. We even were able to keep the rocker off to the corner.  I got all her foxes in place and the bed nice and took some pictures. Of course Peyton lives to be with Ashton and had to check out the new bed and inspect it for good paw fluffing.

Finally, she was allowed to enter.

She was rather excited.

This is her crazy, excited face of approval if you can believe it.

I remember back in November of 2012 (just a month before we were matched), painting the room and getting the crib in and painting it to match the rest of her furniture. We had the big girl bed before we found the crib.

By last year, she finally was big enough to climb out. Immediately, we transitioned her to a toddler bed last September.

Now here we are in April and she's in her big girl bed we hope for the rest of her childhood into her teen years.

Ashton was very excited about being tucked in that night, though as usual asked her nightly question if she can stay up longer.

We took a selfie to show we both fit on the bed... which of course you can't tell. But it still came out well.

Then I got her all situated, and rather than read to her in the rocker, I tucked her in bed and sat on the bed with her and read. She loved it.

Notice her sheets are fox?

She asked for Sassy to sleep with.  When I tried to leave she got scared. All the newness of everything. So I told her I had a surprise for her.

I came back with a big girl bed fox to sleep with. She clung to Trickster and was content.  Of course she did wake in the middle of the night all scared, but this time I got to lay down with her and comfort her. A much welcome change than before.

Very curious to see how the next few nights go in the new bed.
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mowing the Lawn

We had a little help with our yard today. Ashton's lawn mower from LauLau blows bubbles and gives us a big smile from this little girl.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Grecian Lady

Ashton wore her shirt from her Godmother from Finaland. She bought it in Greece. I just wanted to be sure to show what a beautiful Grecian lady she was!

But that was about the extent of her being a lady today. She was a terror the rest of the time. She wouldn't even do her violin lesson. She wouldn't stand, she wouldn't look, she whined, she was a mess. People keep telling me it's because she's three and it's what happens. But still... doesn't make it any easier. She has many days like this, where she won't listen, only whines and complains, and tests our resolve. It's exhausting. But then a small smile or a genuine compliment and your heart melts and you forget for a moment that she was making you almost rip out your hair.

Luckily, this little guy can perk me up if Ashton gets crazy. The hard part is when she's upset and riles Khaleesi and Kiara... then it's pure chaos! But little Ami, his sweet quiet devotion can help ground me. I just wish he like Ashton more, but he does humor her and give her kisses time to time. But she's still too much for my little man. Don't worry, there are many a time I feel the same way. :) But I know deep down she's an awesome girl, just going through growing pains.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary

If you can believe it we were able to wear the same clothes we did two years ago, the day we all met in person and became a family. We did this last year as well. I know Ashton won't be able to keep this up, I didn't think she could this year, but who knows she may be able to next year, though it will all obviously be short by then.

April 8, 2013

April 8, 2014

April 8, 2015

It's amazing the photos we tried to recreate and fun to see what new photos we came up with.

This photo shoot was fun!

Then the normal photos. Just her in her favorite color wearing her favorite animal! The storms were getting so bad, Arwen wouldn't leave us be and we let her join the family photos.

Ashton had been looking forward to going to the Children's Museum for a long time. We hadn't gone since she cut her hair. And today she got to finally got to go back. All she talked about was going up and down on the carousel.

She would had ridden it a thousand times if we let her. But she rode it 3 times. She was thrilled! Then we explored the rest of the museum to see what was new. We went to the China exhibit again, and she took pictures of her with her buddy.

She tried on robes from Chinese theater. The size ran a little large for her.

We went to the TV and movies exhibit and had to get our photo taken with "Hook".

We saw the dinosaurs again, saw the new Transformers exhibit. There was lots to do. We then headed off to lunch.

We went home and headed to off for some fun before our special Gotcha Day dinner with family. Ashton was excited to see everyone and was anxious to eat her cake!

You'd think that'd be enough in a day, but as Ms. J couldn't make it as she was rehearsing for a play we stopped by the theater and gave her a surprise visit. She was so happy to see Ashton.

Ashton was so exhausted when we got home. She was falling asleep in the car. But when we got home, she was wide awake again. Funny how that works. But she kept saying how much fun she had for her day!

Happy Gotcha day, my precious baby girl! These past two years with you have been nothing short of amazing! I can't wait to see what more the future brings!

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