Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sickly Green

Yesterday morning I got Ashton in her St. Patrick's Day green and tried a fruitless task of getting her and the birthday pup's picture taken together.

So, Happy Birthday, Arwen! You're the best behaived dog I've ever known, so sweet, so adorable! But alas, a Daddy's girl!

Coming home from work I brought Ashton green glazed donuts and a brownie. Ashton got a shamrock cookie from her tumbling class. Ashton was all in a tizzy about all the green treats.

However, once home Khaleesi was in poor shape.

Our poor puppy had diarrhea and vomiting. She'd eat and drink and we'd think she was better then she'd throw up more. We kept an eye on her and she slept a lot. By the time we were turning in she still was vomiting but her shaking stopped. She gobbled down lots of water and ice cubes after that. At least she wasn't going to be dehydrated.

We couldn't take her to the vet until morning, so we put in a blanket in her crate and a chew toy for her to gnaw on.

Luckily, this morning she had a spring in her step and was her usual playful self. We were very worried. But St. Patrick's Day wasn't as planned. I was hoping for a photo shoot of Arwen and Ashton together in green.

I may leave it as a lost cause or try today, a day late. We'll see. But more than that, I' glad Khaleesi is doing so much better this morning. I wanted to stay behind and just play with her.

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