Monday, March 9, 2015

Nose for Trouble

This girl. Love her like crazy. But also she is driving me crazy as of late. She's just not listening enough or being naughty just enough...

I finally got her the magnetic responsibility chart.
Ashton calls it her Smiley board. She loves getting smileys. However, it's not encouraging her enough.

Case and point, we told her to clean her toy area. If it was vacuuming, dusting, wiping a table, putting up dishes, she's right there in the way to help. But just picking up... boring. I was right there looming over her as she was laying on her back telling her to pick up the toys on the floor and she just ignored me. So her dad and I started taking toys out of the room to be put away for awhile. She didn't care. It didn't resonate with her. 

Like when we took Taco Bell, the Museum, and the computer away from her for cutting her hair. Doesn't care. She knows she can't have it and is just biding her time. Not fussing she can't get it. Just reminds us, she can't have it yet. It's so strange.

She ended up in time out, which was the best we could do. Then after we forced her  by holding her hands ourselves to clean her room. She eventually helped clean, but it was more of vacuuming, dusting, and moving toys around than up. But we felt like it was a small victory.

Regardless, we woke up to Ashton having found a stray pencil somewhere and she wrote all over the closet doors and the wainscoting. As the wainscoting wasn't "painted" when we went to rub off the pencil, the "paint" came off with it. So we'll have to touch up the wainscoting where she marked it up. Sigh!

I'm just tired of these "surprises".  Then this morning I found her with the baby wipes all opened and dried. A new box ruined. I just don't get it. She always behaved rather well and in a week she's
  • Cut her hair
  • Emptied rubbing alcohol over her floor
  • Came down with strep throat (not her fault or a misbehavior, but just another hurtle to add to the week)
  • Wouldn't clean up her toys
  • Marked her walls and doors up with pencil
  • Dried out a box of wipes

She is really testing my patience. I'm so afraid she's going to get into some big trouble. One I can't foresee and will be scaring one way or another. She is a good girl, but has just been getting into trouble almost every day. It's exhausting. 

But again, she's sleeping every night. So, that's a win. We'll take that. That's a God send! So perspective. This is a phase. She's testing herself and us and what's acceptable. This is normal, but oh, so exhausting in it's own right! I just hope it doesn't last long.

Let's hope the Smiley board will win out and she does fall back into listening and being a good girl and staying out of mischief.
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