Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Knock Knock

You know your child is growing up when they hit certain stages in life. Some are more obvious than others. Last night, was one of those stages.

My daughter told me her first "knock knock" joke. And those first jokes are so funny to them and you sit there and laugh with them, not because they're funny by any means, but because of the joy they are feeling at how funny they think they are.

So her joke went down like this.

"Mama, mama. Knock, knock"

Caught me off surprise that she was telling me a joke. Took me a second to respond with "Who's there?"


I was curious was this an actual joke? Something from daycare? Something to do with the Muppets? "Animal who?" I replied.

Then she breaks out in a big grin. "It's Ashton!"

"You're too cute!" I replied and told her to tell her daddy the same joke, which she was excited to do. That girl! I'm sure there are many "knock knock" jokes coming in our future.
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