Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Weekend Outside

The weather was in the high 50s, maybe even touching low 60s for a few hours this weekend, that Ashton had a fun time outside.

Saturday we went to the zoo. Ashton saw her polar bear, the penguins, seals, other aquatics, the new baby tiger, brown bears, and the orangutans. She kept waving to them.

Then of course when we got home, it was time on her wheels.

She loves her bicycle over her trike, but still gets stuck on it once and a while, so likes that she can go anywhere still on her trike. Otherwise I'm behind her on her bike pushing her every few steps. But she's getting better and better at it. I'm sure by the end of spring she'll have the bike down pat.

Today she had dance class and did pretty well. She was having fun showing us some of her moves. But she of course wanted to be outside more than anything. We did bubbles and just sat and watched the dogs and had a good time. Ashton even wanted to climb our small Japanese maple.

She's happy about the weather and so am I. I just wish I could let her outside half as much as she's trying to be out in it! She'd never leave if I let her. My little sprite!
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