Thursday, March 12, 2015

First Touch of Spring

Yesterday it got up to a balmy mid-50 degrees. So after daycare, I had to let Ashton go out an play! I picked her up from daycare and she was already playing outside and covered in mud from her knees down. I was afraid to have her in her car seat. Luckily all the mud was all over her boots and the front of her. So not much got on her car seat.

I didn't want her muddy self in the house so I brought a change of clothes out to the garage and changed her there. I then proceeded to clean her boots. It took forever, her boots where caked with mud.

Ashton was giddy to be outside. She started playing with all her wheels. She was ecstatic.

There were still a couple of piles of snow left. Ashton still wanted to play in the snow!

She would make a tiny snowball, throw it on the sidewalk, then stomp on it 'til it was flat or obliterated.

Then her neighbor friends Mr. D and Ms. G came home and they got out their wheels too. They all went in circles around the cul-de-sac and had a blast. It was so great to see our kids playing and enjoying the sun and mild weather.

When the sun began to set, I told Ashton it was time for dinner. And she was so upset. She cried and cried. I told her if it was nice again the next day she could play outside again, but not if she didn't stop crying. It took a bit of convincing, but she finally stopped throwing a fit and perked up for dinner.

I'm looking forward to starting to take Khaleesi out on walks. My hubby decided since she hadn't been walked in a few months, he better walk her first in case of excessive pulling or darting to see how controllable she is. He said she walked like a lady, until she saw anyone, then she was an excited puppy, pulling at the bit. So it looks like she needs some retraining, which is expected. But I'm so glad Khaleesi is getting her much needed exercise. I'm looking forward to our walks together.

But for now, I am blessed to have had a taste of spring and to have Ashton playing outside. Nothing tops playing outside for Ashton. So I'm so grateful for yesterday. I hope the weather continues and we have many more very soon! Because the extended forcast right now says this time next week it will be in the 20s and snowing. I hope it is wrong!
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