Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Disaster with Good Intentions

This girl, full of spunk and sass, has the biggest heart. She never does anything malicious or bad. She may do bad things, but always with good intentions. And with that face and good intentions, it's so hard to stay mad at her or want to punish her.

But someone has to remain strong, as she has her daddy wrapped around her pinky. Who knew that it is the simple things that can get you into trouble.

If I didn't feel guilty about her hair on Saturday, Ashton found a way to top herself. My feeling guilt of lack of parenting skills or safety precautions is really being challenged.

Whoever said the terrible twos must have been a first time parent, because three is much more challenging than two!

And yesterday, Ashton played with Hannah.  She didn't just push her around in a stroller, which she does a lot cause anything with wheels this girl plays with. She nurtured the little doll. Not for long. But her daycare said she's playing with dolls more this last week. Don't know if it's a phase or if she's slowly getting girl/doll instincts, but it was nice to see as she usually just colors, plays with legos/blocks, puzzles, loves cleaning, and anything with wheels. 

So last night, Ashton had a terrible cough. I decided to bring out her old breathing machine. It had to help. It was a bit crusty as hadn't been in use for over a year, so I cleaned it up and treated Ashton. She was a bit scared at first, then thought it to be fun.  It was easier to give her a treatment now then a year ago. She sort of fought it then and now she even holds the little dinosaur mask up to her face and does the work for me.

Then I rocked her and played some tunes on my phone per her request before laying her down in bed. She was still very worked up wanting to jump on her bed and everything, but she settled down eventually by 12:30am!!

So off to bed I went and at 3am I hear Ashton calling me in an excited voice. I open my door and she is stark naked. She took off her pull-up and pjs.  I follow her to her room and it's trashed. All her toys are littered on the floor.  And the room reeks of rubbing alcohol.

Oh no! When I cleaned her machine with Q-tips and rubbing alcohol I put them foolishly up on her desk and not back up where they belonged. I was to focused on getting her treatment. So of course Ashton would love to clean like I did.

I asked Ashton what she did.  She said she cleaned.  Which obviously wasn't true as there was a whole mess, but in her mind, she took the rubbing alcohol and cleaned all her toys.

The Q-tips were in a swimming pool of alcohol. Her fox pillow She submerged him and used him as a sponge to clean the floors and toys and furniture.  Why do I have a girl that loves to clean this much?  She saw me clean her mask and she did the same... monkey see, monkey do.

But again, she wasn't bad. She did what she thought was right. But of course 3am in the morning,I'm just tired and see a mess and "smell" my guilt. I told her how bad she was making a mess and touching things that weren't hers and my hubby put the soaked fox pillow in the wash. It was so late, we didn't care about cleaning her room. We'd do that after work later on. We took turns trying to explain the matter to her, but all we did was upset her. So it took forever to get her settled down to get her back to sleep.

This child, love her to pieces. She is trying so hard to be good, but somehow comes out in mischief. Reminds me of Anne Shirley from "Anne of Green Gables"! I just wish I didn't feel like I keep failing her. I'm sure I'm doing something right, but right now I'm only seeing my mistakes that cause her mistakes. Sigh!

I'm so not looking forward to cleaning her room. She'll help of course. Maybe we'll put all the toys in time out for awhile. Who knows right now?

Like the haircut, this will be funny after time goes by, but right now... I know things come in threes. I'm hoping another "disaster" isn't one of them to make a perfect three. Two is enough! No more crazy accidents with good intentions... please! It hasn't even been a week yet!  Ha!
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