Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Almost Watching TV

It's funny, Ashton can't sit still for a 30 minute cartoon.  But she can fully engage and watch (though not sitting down either) watching a performance of Lindsey Stirling who dances and plays the violin. Ashton wanted to join her and we wouldn't give her her violin to dance with. So she took Khaleesi's toys and made her own version of a violin. She had a blast jumping around and "playing" the Frisbee.

Ashton is so ready for spring. She wants to play outside so badly. We all have spring fever.but hopefully in the next few weeks...

So in the meantime, she'll have to do with spring-like pjs and outfits. At least it's raining and that is melting the snow outside.

Last night, Ashton asked to watch Star Wars. If the girl can't watch a cartoon and has to at least dance around, I didn't see how she could watch Star Wars. She asked for popcorn too. So we turned it on. She sat and really didn't watch. Once her popcorn bowl was empty (around the Jawa scenes) she was done. But it's a start. She was naming all the characters she saw... R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, that at leas was fun to see. I'm curious if she'll try again, or was it a ploy for popcorn? She's been on a popcorn kick lately.

Either way, the short lived moment was fun.
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