Monday, March 30, 2015

Palm Sunday

She was super cute walking her palms, though I couldn't get a good shot in. She really enjoyed it she said. We'll be taking these palms and making crosses out of them to keep and share with family.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Because of You


Because of you I'll NEVER see these things the same again. These now have special meaning in my heart, as I'm sure to those that know you well too.

Prayer - Prayer is an amazing thing. But seeing you pray. It's opened my eyes. You are so passionate about it. You thank Him for Jesus first every time. You thank Him for family and ask for things... not for yourself, but for others. Your observation on who needs prayer is amazing. And you always seem to start dinner prayers right before your daddy and I sit down so we have to scramble to the table to pray with you.Then when you say "Amen", you always say "Yay God!" right after. It's adorable!

The Moon - Since you "discovered" the moon for the first time, you've been smitten... or rather obsessed. You look out for it every day or night and get so excited when you find it. Like it's there just for your amusement. And it makes you so happy. Like you have a best friend watching over you. You have to point every time and say "Look, the moooooonnn!" Therefore, I started telling you "I love you to the moon and back" just to incorporate your love affair of the moon. And when it's gone for the day, we tell you it's shining over China.

Chapstick - Many a chapstick you've ruined from putting on too much. You beg to wear chapstick. You need it, and think everyone else should too, so you make sure I wear it constantly. I always try to find ones that aren't tinted or are clear to avoid messes. You shouldn't have them, but they make you so happy and really do help your chapped lips during the cold season.  You are always ready to wear it and would rather put it on yourself, but put up with me putting it on you as you keep smearing it on over and over until you've made a mess. Then you immediately lick it all off. You don't even wear it for a minute!

A Fox - This love affair is so adorable. If I could get you to meet a red fox in person, I'd do it in a heartbeat. You've gotten quite the stuffed collection of toy foxes! My favorite is you picking out a small toy fox for your Daddy on Valentine's Day for him to keep in his car to think of you. Then you decide after you've given it to him that the fox, which you named Peanut, would be cold in the car and lonely, so you basically stole him and have slept with him every night since. You love to say that your favorite 3 stuffed fox toys are a family. That Peanut is the baby, Fegan is the daddy, and Sassy is the mommy. It's so sweet! They're in your bed with you every night. Along with a few other specially chosen toys. And of course you go bonkers over "What Does the Fox Say?" song, still to this day!

Green - Your favorite color. You're always excited when you get a green straw or spoon, or anything. You point it out every time. It gives you pure joy! I think St. Patrick's Day will be a fun day for you every year! I don't know if you have a favorite shade of green yet, but so far any shade will do. There isn't a green you don't like!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cancer Free!

I mentioned back in September that my husband's sister had squamous cell cancer. She has been on chemo and radiation for 6 months! Fell she must have a very special guardian angel, because she is now cancer free!!  Looks like Ashton will have her Aunt a good while longer! Praise God! This is a true miracle!
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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Hunt is On

It seems so early to Easter, but Saturday was the Easter egg hunt. She had a blast last year and was super excited to go this year. Though we kept telling her it wasn't Easter.

I bought this great dress with matching coat while we were waiting for her. Not knowing, green would be her favorite color. It was perfect for the egg hunt. I went on a photo frenzy with her.

The dress was nice, but it really was the coat that made the dress. And we needed it. It was in the 40s that morning for the hunt.

It was a beautiful day, and in typical Ashton fashion, she had to wear her shades.

Last year she was quiet as could be soaking it all in. This year, she was impatient to start the hunt. She kept asking when she could start. The donuts they had did little to quell her impatience. But she waited, though bouncing from her chair, to my lap, to Daddy's.

The egg hunt was divided up into age ranges.  Last year she was in the 0-2 year old bracket. This year she was in the 3-4 year old bracket. And man it was more of a race than last year.

She was very proud of her full basket.

She had several chocolates before we could even get back to the car. She was so excited and proud of her treasure.

The rest of the beautiful day we spent outside as it warmed up to the high 50s. Ashton was on cloud nine.

Sunday, I had Ashton in one of my favorite dresses I had been dying to see her in. It's so much prettier in person. This too I got while during our wait to be matched. It's so Jackie O. And like the previous dress, it's the jacket that makes the dress.

Though she's not smiling, she looks so mature in that last photo. My baby girl is definitely a little girl, no baby left in her. Though she still asks to be rock and cuddled like on from time to time.

Unfortunately, I couldn't leave her in that dress. It's not very practical for playing.

Later that night we had a fire. Khaleesi loved it.

Lau Lau came to visit and dropped off a lawn mower that produces bubbles. Ashton was thrilled.  We didn't put any bubbles in it and it was too late to go outside with it. so we let her run around the house with it. Khaleesi went bonkers over it and would jump in front and bark at it, either in fear or to play. It was hilarious! I know Ashton will be begging everyday to play with it outside. Hope the weather holds up so she can. Wonder if we should have the bubbles on and her push it outside with Khaleesi there?

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