Thursday, February 5, 2015


There have been many new normals, many new phases of Ashton that we've had to experience.  Some amazing... and some NOT so amazing.

Sometimes I wonder where she picks things up. Or what triggers the new normals for her. And us as parents, it's hard in the beginning to find out if it's a phase or new normal.

Ashton loves baths. Always has (except for the first few days in China when she was terrified... but she got over it quickly and embraced it ever since). She sometimes just gets clean then gets out. Sometimes she is washing the walls with a washcloth as she loves to clean.  Sometimes she plays with toys.  Lately, she makes "coffee". Where she picked up coffee, I don't know. Perhaps daycare, as both my husband and I don't drink the stuff. Anyhow she has an old bottle we use to rinse her hair and it is now her coffee mug... and I tease her as she loves putting her bubbles in it from her bath that she doesn't have coffee but a cappuccino. She giggles and says "No, coffee". So we have our little cappuccino and coffee battle while she plays.

Well, I think all the "caffeine" from her "coffee" is keeping her up nights. Ha!

First we had Ashton not sleeping through the night, then she did, then she didn't, now she pretty much is sleeping all night, but in turn won't go down to bed.

She's a stubborn one, this girl. She'll do anything to stall going to bed. A story. Toys in bed. Toys out of bed. More blankets. Fresh water. Cheese stick. Singing in bed. Jumping in bed. Talking to herself. She can not be bored and talk to herself for hours!  We'll stay up 3 hours with her and she's still going.

We've had enough. We've tried bribery, not interested. We've tried leaving, she screams. We had her in our room, but she wants to talk there - no good. We punish, reward, doesn't matter. She just doesn't listen.

Finally, last night after several hours, I told Ashton, "Fine you don't have to go to bed. Stay up. But the rules are, no crying, stay quiet, door shut."

I didn't get her a chance to respond.  I just shut the door and went to our bedroom.

After an hour or so we went to check on her. She was still up and babbling.  But in bed... head down on the foot side of the bed, but still going strong. I flipped her around and tucked her in and left.

It must have been another hour, and I had hubby check in on her. (Now we don't put her down that early... heck we've put her down at 11pm before and she still kicks and screams as if we were putting her down at 8pm. It doesn't matter.) When he did he said she was finally asleep.

So I'm wondering if we just play the, you don't have to sleep card, so we can get things done.  Because before I used to rock her and she was at least quiet but awake. But this talking, jumping, crying... it's a whole other beast.

Before when she woke up through the night, she'd cry, but once I came she stopped and nuzzled into me as I rocked her. No wiggling. Just a lot of rocking. No crying, no fussing. But now that's all there is and she's not waking in the middle of the night, it's getting her down for bed.

This has been going on since she sleeps through the night. So for about 3 weeks or so.  I'm hoping the as long as your in your room we're good thing works. Cause I feel like she's testing our nerves.

It's not just going to bed, she's acting up and throwing fits, unlike she's ever used to. Throws a fit when I pick her up at daycare, runs and has me chase her in the store, all sorts of things. We've been taking away games, puzzles, treats, and she's fine with it. We put her in time out she has a meltdown and the dogs go crazy. So I put her in her room. She's going through a definite rebellious period and testing her limits.

She's even doing it at daycare. Her teacher tells me she won't go down for naps easily. The kids are asleep around her and she's kicking, singing, talking... She's wearing the poor teacher out, as she uses that time to clean the bathroom, dishes, etc. and can't because of MY KID!

Love this girl to pieces, but even her teacher said, she's trying everything but Ashton is just "too smart" to be bribed or tricked or anything. "She's wise to the world's ways" I just nod my head in agreement.

Hopefully, we can get over this hump, this phase, I don't want it to be a new normal. She's just always wired, ready to take on the world, and hates to sleep. There is no down time with her. Which makes it hard to get things done while she's awake and makes it hard to do it once asleep because you feel like you've gone through a battle. I'm too exhausted to go on. Sigh!

I won't accept that this is the new normal. It's a phase or it's something I will figure out how to get around. Hopefully, I found the answer last night. It's not perfect, but if she's not going to sleep anyhow...

When she's older I'm in so much trouble :)
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