Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine Weekend

Doesn't she look happy? Ha!
Friday Ashton got to celebrate her first Pajama Day while exchanging valentines.  She got a lot of goodies. When I came to pick her up rather than running to me and yelling Mommy as she usually does she ran to her backpack yelling candy! She was so excited about it.

Ashton's is the top left
I heard there was candy, cookies, and just tons of sweets and breakfast foods that day. After dinner she tore into her candy. She was in Heaven!!

Ashton's is the top middle, above the letter P.
She got one of the cutest valentines too. One of her classmates got her an Olaf valentine. Complete with stick hands, carrot nose, buttons, and snowballs. :) Loved the creativity!

The next morning was Valentine's Day and within a couple hours of being up, I got sick. I felt terrible. I went straight to bed. I couldn't eat. A stomach bug had found me. At least I had Ashton all cute for Valentine's Day. I even got her hair in braided loops like Princess Leia... they didn't hold up, but it was darn cute.

She got her gift from her Dad and I.  She loved it! I just wish I were there to help her celebrate it more as I was mainly upstairs under covers.

So Ashton was plenty showered with candy and sweets from classmates, from us, her Grampy and Grammy, her Lau Lau.  She's got Valentine's covered.

You'd think she'd be overwhelmed, but she's already asking when Easter is coming. I told her to hold on as there were many things to celebrate in between, starting with Chinese New Year on Thursday.

Sunday I yo-yoed from feeling better to feeling crummy.  So I didn't accomplish anything this weekend. Saturday my hubby watched Ashton all day, so I had to on Sunday though I felt like sleeping all day. But life allows only 1 "free" day if any. So I kept my distance, and tried to to engage with Ashton too much but let her play and show me what she was doing. She also helped "clean" house a little. One of the things I hate the most is house work while feeling sick. It's the worst, but seeing Ashton helped, made me smile and feel a little better inside. She's such a good kid.

Ashton was really good for Friday night and Saturday night.  She went to bed with no fuss and slept through the night.  Last night, however, was a different story.  From 1am on, she cried and cried pretty much all night. A few steps forward, a few steps back.
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