Monday, February 2, 2015

The Shadow of Winter

Last night I put Ashton into some Chinese silks I bought while waiting for a match.  They're boy silks that I thought would be perfect for pajamas one day.

I put them on her and the pants fit perfectly, but the sleeves are a bit long.  But she looked beautiful none the less.

She asked her photo be taken with her best buds, Fegan the fox and Rex the turtle.  So I obliged.  I remember wanting the same when I was little.

She's still sleeping through the night which is a BIG blessing, but it's getting harder to get her down to sleep.  I guess it's a trade off.  However, Ashton asked while getting tucked in if she could have some hot cocoa.  So Daddy made some for her then decided to take her out of bed to see the Halftime show, as Katy Perry was performing.  So Ashton got to see "My Katy" as she calls her and enjoy some time not going to bed.

As for our sweet Khaleesi, I think she's getting better around Ashton.  She still wants to jump up on her, but if we "remove" Ashton and let her see her without greeting her, the newness wares off and when Ashton gets in the room it's not jumping with excitement but just a nod and nose kiss which is so much better to handle.  But Khaleesi does adore everyone in the family.  She's just a happy, excitable puppy - as she should be.  I just can't wait for it to warm up so we can do our walks together and maybe catch outside.

Ashton begs to walk her all the time, and I always suggest Skylar instead.  And Ashton lets the matter drop.  I'm curious if the weather warms if she'll resign to walking Skylar or want to just join me on Khaleesi's walks.  But the other thing I worry about is Skylar.  She's really "aged" these last couple of months.  Not the same dog.  She was always lazy and a marshmallow.  But now she's really withering away.  She's wobbly on her feet and wants to be upstairs away from everyone all the time. She just seems so tired.  Maybe walks for her will do her some good.  We'll have to see, but she is loosing the very little pep she had.

Today is Groundhog day and it seems his shadow was seen.  I swear I only remember 1 time it hasn't.  Only once.  And I didn't believe it.  But regardless, 6 more weeks of winter... ha!  Which is fine as it technically is.  But it's good to know Spring is around the corner and coming.  I'm looking forward to the change.  I am not a winter season person.  So I've been starting on Spring cleaning early and this weekend was just that.  We're working on cleaning the house, deep clean and Ashton wants to help.  I gave her dominoes to clean and let her clean/dust the floorboards and areas near where I would clean.  She loves it.  I just hope her willingness to clean and stay tidy continues on and isn't a phase.  I just have to keep encouraging it.  She did get some change for her piggy bank, so I hope that does encourage her.

So with Spring on the horizon, even if it's 6 seeks away, I'm looking to have Ashton fully potty trained, which she mostly is, have Ashton sleep through the nights, which seems plausible, clean house - or more so realistically, a puppy with more manners and obedience, with walks starting, and just excitement for things to come.

But the main focus is Ashton is sleeping through the nights as of late, and we are very excited by that fact.  Hopefully, it will continue on.

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