Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skylar Love

Last night before bed, as many nights before Skylar decided to peek on in.

Ashton always gets two visitors every night.  Peyton the cat, who ends up sleeping in the bed with her. And Skylar who just pokes her head in does a lap or two and then leaves. Sometimes she lays down and hangs out a while but when I leave, she leaves.

Last night, Ashton wanted to make over Skylar. Skylar is as gentle as they come. And Ashton had her a a bit of a headlock, nothing too hard, but Sky tolerated it. It was sweet none the less.

Bedtime has been getting easier.  She's been sleeping most nights and doesn't protest too much about going down for bed lately and is getting down fairly reasonable. She's anxious for her big girl bed. It will be less room, and I don't think the rocking chair will fit with the new bed, but we'll see how it all fits.  I love the rocker and don't know where it'd fit in the scheme of things if it doesn't fit in her room after the big girl bed moves in... but that's months away yet, and I don't have to think on that just yet.

Right now I want to enjoy her in her tiny, toddler bed and her sleeping through the nights.
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