Friday, February 13, 2015

Pajama Day

Last night, Ashton was so excited to fill out her valentine cards for her fellow daycare kids. I would hold her hand in min to write their name out and hers and she would read the letters we were writing out.  Then I'd let her take the pen and write whatever she wanted to them to her hearts content.  Some got scribbles over the whole valentine others just a simple couple lines.

She loved it, and of course I found her a green pen to write with.

Earlier yesterday, my pediatrician told me it sounded like growing pains and said they couldn't be sure unless they looked at her.  So with that being no help, I didn't think much of it until a bit later when I got an email from a blog reader.  It was from no one I knew.  She was sweet enough to pass on that Ashton's nightly growing pains could very well be a magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium deficiency is usually the cause of what we call "growing pains" in 3-5 year olds. Also, magnesium has a "calming effect" at bedtime.  She wanted to share this so I could consider feeding Ashton more magnesium rich foods.

I Googled magnesium food for kids and found bananas, peanut butter, peanuts, oatmeal, raisins, milk, and other foods.  I called my husband and told him we should encourage this more. However, though he agreed he was all over giving her a multi-vitamin with it in it as it would be easier and she'd never be below her intake in case she wouldn't "eat" it.

I was curious how much she should get daily.  I read that ages 1 to 3 years: 80 milligrams (mg) daily and ages 4 to 8 years: 130 mg daily.

Well, we all went to our local CVS and went to the multi-vitamin shelves.  They had tons of children's vitamins.  I went through all of them.  Only 2 listed magnesium in their ingredients.  Only 2.  And each vitamin had only 1 milligram of magnesium.  That'd mean she'd have to take 80 vitamins a day!!  No way, food would be much easier.

However, my husband wasn't deterred. He went to the adult vitamins and they were 250 mg or higher. Not acceptable. So he went to the pharmacist.  She suggested milk of magnesia.  It suggested 1 tablespoon for adults.  We did the math and found one milliliter would suffice.  So we got a baby oral syringe for it.

We were anxious to see if it worked.  But to appease me, we went to the grocery store and bought bananas, peanuts for Ashton.

Of course when we got home Ashton was all excited to take her new medicine and not eat the boring bananas she's used to having.  My husband smirked.  So we gave her the medicine.  She said she liked it (we got the cherry flavored).

Well, at 2 am she was up.  Crying and hurting.  Now I don't know how long it's supposed to be in her system or when it takes effect, so I didn't consider this a failure.  I gave her some more milk of magnesia to make her stop crying as she knew it was medicine to stop her feet from hurting.  (Still not interested in food.)  After an hour she settled back down and she didn't get back up until morning.

So did it work?  Who knows.  But 1 wake up instead of 5 times a night is a huge help.  I got more sleep than usual.

We'll see if it continues to get better.  I also still have my other plan up my sleeve to help. But it wouldn't stop her foot pain.

Regardless, it's nice to know there are people out there, perfect strangers, willing to share helpful information to try and help my daughter not hurt through the night.  Thank you for the email.  Whether this is an answer to our prayers or not, I'm still very grateful!

Ashton woke up this morning all excited about the special day today. It was Pajama day at daycare. And she'd get breakfast foods for lunch, her Godfather will visit today, and she gets to pass out valentine cards.

We got her "dressed" in new pjs and she thought it was so funny.

She had cards for all the kids and pick out cards that came with pencils as she wanted them all to color.  Isn't that sweet? This girl loves to color, does every day at our house, and wanted to share that with her daycare kids. We also had a cute box to give to her teacher.

When we arrive at the daycare, she couldn't wait to give the box to her teacher. She had her open it right there on the spot. It was sweet!

We even had a box made for her Godfather when he arrives to give her a short visit. I hope he's surprised and delighted. She was very excited about that too. Curious how it goes.

I can't wait to hear how her day went!
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