Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Little Pony Tutus

Today Ashton was super-excited because she was going to her cousin's 5th birthday party. The loves her cousins very much and parties too, so the mix was an unbearable wait for her since she got the invitation.

When we got there it was a My Little Pony themed birthday and all the girls got tutus based off of the pony characters.

Ashton got a white tutu with diamonds to match.  I was told this was a unicorn pony name Rarity.

 It took some time for Ashton to warm up to the idea of wearing a tutu. Even with all the other girls doing so. But once she did she didn't want it off.

Of course the cake was a big hit.

But even bigger hit was the family's new guinea pigs, Coco and Flower. Ashton got to hold the calm one Coco and adored petting her.

After the presents were opened Ashton wanted to share the new bike!  Luckily her cousin loves to share!

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She had a great time at the party!  As always! She hated to go.

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