Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Blossoming Girl

Last night was crazy! I didn't get off work until late,so picked up Ashton late. So we ate late and everything was just off. It was the night I did bills and Daddy played with Ashton so I could concentrate. Then when I was done it was Ashton's bedtime. So instead, since I got no time with her, we stayed up.

We played with Khaleesi. We colored together. What was insane, when it was time for my exercise, I decided to do some yoga stretches and Ashton wanted to do "Yoda stretches too"! So here we girls were doing yoga together with our puppies running about us. We looked ridiculous! Ashton ended up doing other things she's learned from Chinese dance class and asked me to do them with her. But I felt like a pretzel enough, so just enjoyed her showing off and remembering what she learned.

She then practiced her violin and it was time to bed. We postponed it enough.  o I showed her her outfit for tomorrow. And Ashton begged not to wear her pink boots, so she got her black. She picks out her underwear every night. She's very selective on what one's she wants to wear. Usually it's Frozen, but now and then it's Wonder Woman or Supergirl or Minnie Mouse or whatever. She loves laying out her choice next to her outfit I pick.

So far she doesn't care how I dress her. She only cares about her underwear, shoes, and how her hair is. Sometimes no matter how cute I can't get her to wear pigtails or a bow in her hair, other days, she's fine with it, other days she almost demands I put her in a ponytail or something similar. It's really amusing.

After she picked out her underwear (Frozen this time... of course), she then got on her pjs, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair (with help) and since it was so late I told her no stories tonight.

While doing the nightly routine, Ashton and I had a conversation about the future.  She asked or stated that her daddy was my husband, but not hers. I told her that was right and she could get married one day if she wanted.  She said she wanted to marry D. next door.  The little toddler a few months older than her. I smiled in amusement. I asked if she wanted kids too. She said one kid, a boy. I asked if she'd have pets. Yes, just kitties, no dogs. I asked what she wanted to do as a job, violinist or singer. She told me a doctor.  I said okay.  So she's got it all planned out folks. :) It was just sweet to hear her so decisively tell me her future.

She asked if I would rock her for a minute instead. How could I refuse? So I rocked her and to her request sang one of her favorite songs. Through it she said, "I will fall asleep in your arms". I told her that'd be a first and if she did, she'd wake right up when I would carry her to bed.

She nuzzled in as I rocked her. She closed her eyes... I almost fell out of the chair. Almost every night lately she's been fighting going to bed. She is in bed, talking to herself, singing, rolling about, entertaining herself but not just laying there. I pretty much have given up trying to get her to lay still and just sit there for 3 hours until she's asleep. She freaks out if she's alone, so most of my nights are watching her not sleep. Now and then she'll let me leave early after sitting with her for at least an hour. But then usually within a couple hours comes the start of her waking up and needing to be consoled or rub her hurting feet, whatever about every couple hours until it's time to wake up. It's a hard battle. But we've made improvements and we've had set backs. When we took the playpen she slept in our room out, we made great strides. She started sleeping through the night but all of a sudden stopped going to bed easily.  Now lately it's a gamble, it could be both.

But last night, I rocked Ashton for a few minutes.  Then told her to hop in bed which she did.  Then she immediately closed her eyes and fell asleep within minutes.  She was out.

Now there is no way I'm keeping her up until 10 pm or 10:30 pm every night. That's too late. But as her bedtime is 8 and she fights sleep until then... it's looking more promising.

However, true to form, she was up and crying within a few hours. Her feet hurt.

We did some Google searches and it seems that the most likely thing (as there are lots of kids that have the same problem - feet only hurting at night) that it is growing pains. I emailed a request in about it to her pediatrician yesterday, but haven't heard back yet.

Anyhow, Ashton was up many times last night. Once I even found her in the chair rather than her bed,s o I just got a pillow and blanket and tucker her in there. She thought it was very cool. But I ended up finding her back in bed when I came to wake her in the morning.

And for a girl that sleeps little and cries through the night, you wouldn't believe it. She's all smiles and full of her usual high energy all day and first thing in the morning.

I'm not too worried, and not complaining. Just stating the facts. I have a few ideas of how to help, but won't be able to craft them or put them into motion until the weekend. There just not time to put them together after work. It's crazy enough how it is.

But she never ceased to amaze me on her bubbly personality and caring. She's awesome. And it's like 2 different children, night and day - literally. But I wouldn't have it any other way. She's my baby girl and I love her night crazies and all. I just hope they'll cease soon. But if not, I hope I'm truly helping her through the tears and fears of hers.

But giggles and smiles like this every morning, you feel like you're at least doing something right.
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