Monday, February 9, 2015

Kicking Off Chinese New Year Early

Saturday the Children's Museum was celebrating Chinese New Year a couple weeks early. Whether Ashton was sleeping through the night or not was irrelevant. Ashton had to go.

And as Friday night she got up a few times... we're knowing she's trying and that's all that counts. She has her good nights and she has her bad.

So I got Ashton in her good China silks. She wore a traditional qipao.

Then we headed off for the festivities. First we went to the puppet making station.  There they had goats to color and cut out and put on a stick. Just like the horse she did last year. Ashton was a bit upset she couldn't cut the goat our herself.

We then went to the China exhibit. And made our usual stop.

She played a few Chinese instruments and learned how to write three in Chinese characters.  She played with the pandas and "made" us a Chinese meal.

Then we headed to see a dinosaur performance.  Bucky came to life.  Several kids cried, but Ashton didn't she was a bit scared, but braved through it beautifully.  She was very upset to see Bucky the teenage dinosaur go.

She loved that he wanted Goldfish just like her. She was very impressed with Bucky.

Then shortly after came the Chinese celebrations. Ashton wasn't very patient waiting for the dragon dance to begin.

Then there were other Chinese dances, but Ashton got very hungry and irritable. The Chinese celebration kicked off at 11:30 and by 12:15 Ashton had to eat. So we left to get her a quick bite then headed off to make red envelopes really quickly with lucky coins. Then we HAD to stop by her favorite ride. She talked about going up and down on the carousel more than anything else all week. So, that's just what she did. She rode twice, but as we were into her nap time, we had to leave shortly after.

Ashton had a blast!  She loved it and wants to go back and see Bucky and the carousel. So glad the Chinese New Year made an impression.

Luckily, we were able to buy a Chinese New Year activity book there and will have some fun things to do the night of. We already have hanging a couple of Chinese New Year decorations around the house. We have to be a little more stealthy on where we hang them unlike last year, as Khaleesi will bring them down. Ashton loves seeing them.

Ashton is also very excited about this Friday at daycare. It's pajama day and they will have breakfast food for lunch as well as exchange valentines. She is very excited about the valentines she picked out for her class. She was undecided between a few, but when she found ones that came with pencils, she was excited to have her class "color" with them. So she picked those out with enthusiasm and carried them around with pride to the check out.

Naps and going to bed and sleeping have been touch and go. Sometimes success other times, just pure failure. But she's trying, and I think we're on the path to getting better. We're definitely better than we were a month ago.

She's growing up and maturing. Not without several stumbles of course... regressing is part of this process. But I see her trying and I see progression. She's awesome.
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  1. Possibly, a daily reward would be best. It could be extra time up, or extra tv time, etc. Also, put a sticker on a chart. When Ashton receives 5 stickers, then she can receive a larger reward; such as the museum, or a restaurant. Because of her young age, she may be more successful. She'll realize with the visual sticker that she's close to getting the grand prize! She'll see what she's earned and see that it's not much longer to get her desired prize. Putting the stress on consecutive days, may be frustrating for her.


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