Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bit More Chinese New Year

Today Ashton and I were able to use her Chinese New Year Activity book. We plan on holding some of the activities for future New Chinese New Years.

One we did right away was the pop out of the southern lion. There were several to choose from a white, red, black, yellow or green one. Ashton picked her favorite color green.

She is in love with the lion dances.  In awe, transfixed, and always slightly scared. It's an amazing thing in her eyes.  Something she can't get enough of from watching You Tube videos of.  This girl asks about them all the time.

So I knew she'd love these pop outs.  But I decided we'd do one every couple days as the Chinese New Year is celebrated over a couple weeks.

The book also has masks and how to make dumplings and confetti fireworks, so there are a few things to choose from to work with. The crosswords and mazes are too old for her, but I can keep the book for future years.

On another note, Ashton loves shoes. Shoe fetish this one. Not only her shoes but mine and her daddy's.  Here she is wearing his stinky shoes!

Also we decided to practice a little Mandarin. I'm so not the best to teach her anything, but something is better than nothing.  We'll see how it goes. But I worked with her to count to 5. Hopefully, she'll get the hand of it. But after a small 10 minute session, not too bad.

She's been sleeping well. I'm so proud of her. She'd gotten a few small encouraging gifts as it were. A dinner out to eat. Candy. Legos to build. Games to download. It's all been good. I pray it continues. Big present is to get out of the toddler bed and into a big girl bed. We'll do a sticker system to the small gifts and she can visually see her process. She's very excited about the big prize!  Who wouldn't want a big girl bed. Going to have to save up for a new mattress.
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