Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Birthday & Surprises

Because Ashton slept well the night before, last night we gave Ashton a new daisy to sleep with. Daisies are small pillowcases she sucks the corners on when she goes to sleep. She's gone through many already, and her first pillowcase we bought in China had daisies on them, thus the name.

Ashton loves her newest fox daisy, though it's much bigger than her usual daisy sizes.

Right before going to bed she wanted to tuck Hannah (her cabbage patch preemie) into bed. She has her own toy crib.  Well, she put her panda in and then Hannah, and it looked like the panda was holding her. It was so cute. Ashton isn't holding the toys at all in the photo.

But last night she woke a couple of times. No big deal, last night compared to others. But I think... I hope... I pray I have an idea up my sleeve to help reinforce her sleeping habits. It'll take some time to get the idea together and crafted, but if it works, it could be well worth it.

Today is Amadeus' birthday!  Happy birthday my sweet baby boy!!

He's always been the baby of the family until we got Khaleesi over the summer. But with his battle with cancer, and his tiny size, he'll always be my little man, my baby. I always feel like I'm on borrowed time with him.

He is such a darling. All my furbabies are, but Ami has a very special place in my heart. He and I have this bond, this connection. It breaks my heart so to know he won't grace this earth long, but I'm grateful for every moment I get with him.

Ashton adores him too. Though he's a Mama's boy, and not an Ashton boy. She loves all the furbabies. I don't know if she has a clear favorite, but she's always trying to pet them all and care for them.  I'm glad we got another birthday to share with my sweet boy. You are truly cherished.
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