Friday, January 23, 2015

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

Ashton with her BFF Fegan the fox. She was insistent to have her photo taken with him.
Over the weekend I opened up the 18-24 month of clothes box.  I have many future boxes of clothes for this girl.  One of the fun perks of waiting was therapy shopping and then when opening these boxes remembering "Oh, yeah I remember getting that" and getting excited for her to wear it.

In the 18-24 month box of clothes were 2 outfits that LauLau had a hand in.  She crocheted two skirts onto shirts and made dresses for Ashton.  We thought it'd be something she'd wear very soon as she was 17 months old and the dresses were 18-24 months... but here she is 3 years and 3 months old and now just getting to wear it.

Regardless, LauLau - my mother adores this child.  She went to China with us.  She's hand made (crocheted) toys for her, and outfits, and helped hem up many clothes.  She remembers silly things and goes all over the city to find the girl a chapstick with a fox on it!  She's a very loving and amazing woman who loves her granddaughter fiercely... as she should.

So regardless, when Ashton wore LauLau's creation today, I had to take a picture.  So you know the old joke - what's black and white and red all over?  Well, the answer is now Ashton's penguin outfit.

I will take pics of the second outfit she made as well when Ashton wears it.  It's just as adorably cute!

Anyhow, it was perfect weather and perfect timing to wear the crocheted dress.  I kept telling her to be careful with the skirt and not to get it dirty or snagged.  She was so careful, she was afraid to eat breakfast this morning, so not to ruin the crocheted skirt!  She's so sweet!

Anyhow, thank you Mom for being you and showering Ashton with these beautiful gems of gifts.  She looks great!
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