Saturday, January 31, 2015

Starting Over

Today my Ashton is pirate-fied.  She was a mighty, brave pirate because she slept through the night!  We want to encourage this and not punish though we took away the big prizes shopping and Museum trip.  So we told her she got to go to lunch, wherever she wanted.

She of course picked her favorite place, Taco Bell.

So she was very excited.  She still wanted the Museum, but understands that if she sleeps through the week  - we'll go next weekend.

Ashton didn't have any foot problems today, so I'm so on the fence about taking her to the doctor about this.  Is it an excuse, growing pains, what?

Regardless, Ashton is back to her happy self and hopefully is restarting sleeping through the night.  I'm hoping we'll have more sleepful nights versus sleepless nights.  We'll see.

Ami is back to getting Chemo again next week.  They do take a toll on him and he just lays around zonked.  I love him lively and cuddly as he's been lately.

But it's worth it if he gets more quality of life out of it.  I always feel like I'm on borrowed time with him.  He's my tiny baby!  And I hope he's fighting spirit continues on.

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