Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in 2015

Last year I found the PERFECT new year's eve/day outfit.  It was a onesie with a sewn in tutu.  Ashton looked great in it!  Even with her cast on her leg; she rocked that outfit.

This year, though smaller, I thought she can still rock that outfit!!  I just added leggings to keep her modest.  She loved wearing the outfit!

She wore it yesterday to a Christmas Eve party, all day today, and wants to wear it tomorrow to daycare!  She loves special outfits!!

So we got her dressed and she begged to wear the fox hat and gloves she got for Christmas!  She looked adorable.  She loves the gloves a lot because usually with her tiny, tiny hands she can only wear mittens.  Well, she got fingerless gloves, that go to the tips of her fingers.  So they're perfect for her and she feels so special!  But if her fingers do get chilly, she can move the foxes over her fingers and they turn into mittens.

We got to the party and as Ashton had no problem staying up until 2am last year, we didn't worry about her staying up until midnight this year.  Her bedtime is way earlier, but we knew staying up wasn't any problem.

Close to midnight everyone got champagne and Ashton got sparkling apple juice.  She was so excited to clink her glass and say Happy New Year and get kisses and say Cheers.  then she went out with the "older" kids (8-13 years) and bagged on pots and pans.  She loved it!

Instead of staying at the party really late like we did last year, we left around 12:30am, because this little girl wanted to go to the Children's Museum in the morning.

It was hard to get up, but Ashton was so excited about it so much, we were happy to take her.

We got on the carousel and rode it twice.  Then we went to the construction area, where she move pullies and drove a bulldozer.  Then she made her way to the sand box and music room.  Afterwards, we did our traditional China stop and hugged her favorite buddies.

Then it was playing cook, followed by going down a big slide.  We ended the Museum trip with buying her a colors/shapes Star Wars activity coloring book.

She had a great time at the museum.  Wish I could say we all crashed after that, but we kept going all day with errands to catch up on.  A crazy, busy day to start in the new year, but wouldn't change a thing!
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