Friday, January 30, 2015

Old Habits

Ashton was in a great mood last night.  She wanted her picture taken with Khaleesi for some reason.

Of course her good mood only lasts until it's time for bed.  Then she whines and pleads and gets upset.  Sometimes she's fine as long as you read many stories to her.  Other times it's rocking.  Sometimes, you just let her stay up an extra hour and she does down without the pleading.  Last night, she wasn't happy going to bed as usual, so I read 3 stories and sat with her as I usually do until she falls asleep.

Our full night's rest streak ended last night.

At 1am I awoke to crying.  At first I thought, let it be, just a moment.  I probably have to get up soon and she's up ready to start the day.  Then I got more conscious and decided she needed to be comforted.  I checked the time and it wasn't 6am, it was 1am.

When I walked in my husband was already there in the rocking chair.  He told me he'd been there for over an hour already and she just wasn't settling down.  That confused me, as Ashton stops crying or being upset once we're in the room with her.

I let hubby go back to bed, and I sat with her.  She complained her foot was hurting her.  She complains about her foot a lot, but only when in bed.  I've always thought of it as a stalling tactic or that her foot is asleep.  But I don't know.  After half an hour she was asleep.  So I snuck out.

The dogs were a bit riled up so I took Skylar out and then plopped back into bed.  Not 20 minutes later, Ashton was up again crying.

I went back in and looked at her foot and held her and she finally went back to sleep after an hour.

But by then Dawson needed out and I took him out.  Then Arwen needed out.  I took her out!  I was dead tired!

Getting up today, per usual, Ashton was her happy self.  But she still complained that her foot hurt her.  Today she has violin lessons, and with work... I can't juggle both.  So if her foot complaints happen this weekend (while not only going to bed) I'm going to call her pediatrician and just have a look, just in case.  I'd hate to overlook something, but I never notice anything unusual, just her vocalization about it.

So now I'm curious if sleepless nights are back in our future or if this was a one moment relapse.  Regardless, I am so proud of her.  I didn't think she could do one night, let alone 6 nights in a row.  That is a miracle!  A huge step in the right direction.

Ashton knows she lost the museum and the store, but she had been so good and I want to reward her for that, and also I want her to try again and keep it up, so I'm curious if I can give her a consolation prize to work toward if she sleeps through the night again tonight.

Will have to think on that.  What's the right leverage?  What will inspire her, but not cave to giving her what she lost.  I'll think up something.
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