Monday, January 19, 2015

Castles, Hippos, and Blue

This weekend was lots of fun... just downtime at home.  Saturday, Ashton and I played with her castle blocks.

Castle we built together (came with instructions).

Ashton's castle.

 Ashton's castle demolished.

Stacking up a long tower.

Our castles side by side.

My hubby brought out the board so we had better support for our castles.

Ashton is pleased with her work... moments before she destroyed them!

Castles were fun, but Ashton was dying to go outside.  And as it was a heat wave, of 50 degrees we let her ride and play outside for quite awhile.  She was on cloud nine.  It's just been too cold to go outside and this girl loves being outdoors.

Then it was Chinese dance class... Ashton wasn't in the mood to listen that day.  She just jumped around rather than follow their lead, but she still had a lot of fun.

Sunday Ashton was so excited to wear her Frozen shoes, her first heels.  Who knew they made it for kids that young?

Later she played Doctor Ashton with Daddy.  He had the severe case of having a Hippopotamus in the ear.

Then we decked Ashton out in her Colts blue for the big game.  Yes, slaughtered... but Ashton had fun catching the football throughout the first half of the game before bedtime!

Nothing really big or exciting, but great family time none the less.

If we can just get this girl to sleep through the night, then all would be amazing!  That would be the one thing... but I suppose that is what makes these moments balance out and feel real.  At least 1 - 3 times a night she's up and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get her back down.  But as long as I'm in the room with her, she's content.  I just am not sleeping.  The hubby and I take turns during the night, but sometimes she gets the dogs riled up and then it's no good for anyone.  But again, she is fine during the day.  And this didn't start since we had her home, but over a year later... strange.  But other than that, all is going well.  And we'll count and focus on that.
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