Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Good Night

Last night we sat down with Ashton and told her we were taking the playpen out of our room.  We've had it there for the nights we are too tired to rock her back to sleep for an hour or more back to sleep about 4 times a night.  She doesn't sleep well.  But she just doesn't like being alone.  We've been very good about staying in her room til she's asleep every time, but when we're too exhausted we just take her to the play pen to sleep and she does great, other than waking up about 7am every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day as we beg for more sleep.

We decided we'd try something different this weekend.  Though we've bribed up and down forever trying to get her to sleep through the night, we showed her us taking down her play pen and we sat down all together asking her to be a big girl.  That if she slept through the night we'd go for donuts, and if she slept through a second night, she'd get the children's museum.

About 4:30am, Dawson was whining to go outside.  He hadn't been feeling well, and he usually doesn't have to go out.  So my hubby took him out and I heard Ashton whimpering... not crying.  So I thought I'd check in on her.

Peyton, our beloved cat that adores Ashton, was climbing all over her.  She sleeps with her every night.  So I moved Peyton off and told Ashton how good she was not crying and to go back to sleep.  I'd stay.  In five minutes she fell asleep.  And as she didn't cry, and I wasn't up another hour, I didn't count this one.

7am Khaleesi is ready to go outside.  She has a weak bladder, so we have to take her out at 7am every morning, else she'll pee in her crate.  She was so excited as she always is and her tail thumping and a couple quick barks.  So Ashton was up.  She yelled, "Mommy, Daddy, time to get up!"  I went in her room and told her to play for an hour as we were just taking Khaleesi out potty and we needed the extra rest.  I told her if she did, we'd go for donuts after.  She said okay.

So Ashton played in her room quietly.

We got up and told her how good she was.  Ashton exclaimed, "I slept through the night."  And though I went in twice... I don't think they counted and I wanted her to have positive reinforcement for her wonderful efforts!

So we went to get donuts.

Ashton was so excited to go.  When we got there we asked what she wanted.  We got a bunch of donut holes.  We got the chocolate donuts she wanted.  But when we sat down all she wanted was the powdered donuts.

She was so cute with power on her face, but she did very well not to overdo it.

And unlike last week she did well during Chinese dance class today.  She even got to dance with a ribbon and keep it off the ground.  They tried to get her to spin a star on her finger, but it was too big and kept slapping her in the face.

Later, LauLau came over and we played some dice games.  Ashton helped out where she could.  We were learning this new dice game and my husband was killing it so I'd tell him "Quit cheating!" and he'd smile and we'd loose.  We'll after a couple times of this Ashton jumps down from her chair and said, "Your all cheating!" and we just broke out into laughter.  She was quite the entertainer tonight.

We just got her down to bed, and we're anxious to see if she'll sleep through the night or not, she's not been able to do 2 nights in a row since she started not sleeping. Very curious to see what happens.

Here's hoping we go to the Children's Museum tomorrow.
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