Sunday, January 25, 2015

2 Full Nights

So last night Ashton slept through the night.  However, she did whimper around 7am.  I thought it was her usual, I'm up are you what do I do?  But it wasn't.  I came in and asked what was wrong.

She said, "I'm scared."  I asked of what.

She said she was cold and wet.  I looked down and felt.  The bed was soaked.  We got a free bag of pull ups and used them for the first time.  Obviously, they don't work for overnight.  Got it.

I got pulled her sheets off and took off her pjs and got her in new ones.  I told her she could play as quiet as a mouse and we'd still go to the Children's Museum if she let us sleep in a bit more.  She nodded and I went back to bed.

She was good.  We were going to go to church, but my husband's back was acting up and I was fighting a headache. So we made a slow morning of it.

We ended up at the Museum, and Ashton wanted to go on the carousel first thing.  She had been talking all week if she got to go to the museum she would go on the up and down carousel.  As she's only rode the stationary animals.  So we asked her which parent she wanted to start with and she didn't care, she just wanted on.

I took her and she wanted to ride a reindeer, but they were taken, so we went for a horse, but she was too scared to ride an up and down horse, so I put her on a stationary horse.  I asked her why, knowing she was scared.  I told her I'd be there, nothing to be scared of, that she was talking about it... nothing swayed her until I told her there was a seat belt.  A little black belt that I could tie around her waist so she wouldn't fall off.  Then she agreed.

We moved to the horse up front which was a moving horse.  And I tied her to him.  It started off and her eyes got wide, but she didn't cry, didn't smile, just took it in for a moment.  I leaned over to her and said, "Smile".  And a big grin came across her face.

Then she wanted to ride with Daddy, then Mommy, then Daddy.  She rode 4 times in a row!  All on moving animals!

As we went to explore other parts of the Museum, Ashton made sure to tell me, "Next time, I go on a higher horse on the carousel."  I just laughed.

Then Ashton found one of those 5 cent horse rides.  She scrambled on top and begged us to make it move.  We had dimes but no nickels.  So I went to about 6 couples until I found someone that could trade a dime for a nickel as no one had 2.  We were lucky to get 1.

We started it up and it gave Ashton a jolt!  But she ended up liking it.

We spent time in China again, and we went to the trains... Ashton loved it.  But she started yawning... it was nap time.  So we loaded up and went home.

She had a great time.  We told her she could go again next weekend if she kept up sleeping through the night and we'd add lunch anywhere she wants.  She got very excited... we'll see if this keeps up.
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