Saturday, January 31, 2015

Starting Over

Today my Ashton is pirate-fied.  She was a mighty, brave pirate because she slept through the night!  We want to encourage this and not punish though we took away the big prizes shopping and Museum trip.  So we told her she got to go to lunch, wherever she wanted.

She of course picked her favorite place, Taco Bell.

So she was very excited.  She still wanted the Museum, but understands that if she sleeps through the week  - we'll go next weekend.

Ashton didn't have any foot problems today, so I'm so on the fence about taking her to the doctor about this.  Is it an excuse, growing pains, what?

Regardless, Ashton is back to her happy self and hopefully is restarting sleeping through the night.  I'm hoping we'll have more sleepful nights versus sleepless nights.  We'll see.

Ami is back to getting Chemo again next week.  They do take a toll on him and he just lays around zonked.  I love him lively and cuddly as he's been lately.

But it's worth it if he gets more quality of life out of it.  I always feel like I'm on borrowed time with him.  He's my tiny baby!  And I hope he's fighting spirit continues on.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Old Habits

Ashton was in a great mood last night.  She wanted her picture taken with Khaleesi for some reason.

Of course her good mood only lasts until it's time for bed.  Then she whines and pleads and gets upset.  Sometimes she's fine as long as you read many stories to her.  Other times it's rocking.  Sometimes, you just let her stay up an extra hour and she does down without the pleading.  Last night, she wasn't happy going to bed as usual, so I read 3 stories and sat with her as I usually do until she falls asleep.

Our full night's rest streak ended last night.

At 1am I awoke to crying.  At first I thought, let it be, just a moment.  I probably have to get up soon and she's up ready to start the day.  Then I got more conscious and decided she needed to be comforted.  I checked the time and it wasn't 6am, it was 1am.

When I walked in my husband was already there in the rocking chair.  He told me he'd been there for over an hour already and she just wasn't settling down.  That confused me, as Ashton stops crying or being upset once we're in the room with her.

I let hubby go back to bed, and I sat with her.  She complained her foot was hurting her.  She complains about her foot a lot, but only when in bed.  I've always thought of it as a stalling tactic or that her foot is asleep.  But I don't know.  After half an hour she was asleep.  So I snuck out.

The dogs were a bit riled up so I took Skylar out and then plopped back into bed.  Not 20 minutes later, Ashton was up again crying.

I went back in and looked at her foot and held her and she finally went back to sleep after an hour.

But by then Dawson needed out and I took him out.  Then Arwen needed out.  I took her out!  I was dead tired!

Getting up today, per usual, Ashton was her happy self.  But she still complained that her foot hurt her.  Today she has violin lessons, and with work... I can't juggle both.  So if her foot complaints happen this weekend (while not only going to bed) I'm going to call her pediatrician and just have a look, just in case.  I'd hate to overlook something, but I never notice anything unusual, just her vocalization about it.

So now I'm curious if sleepless nights are back in our future or if this was a one moment relapse.  Regardless, I am so proud of her.  I didn't think she could do one night, let alone 6 nights in a row.  That is a miracle!  A huge step in the right direction.

Ashton knows she lost the museum and the store, but she had been so good and I want to reward her for that, and also I want her to try again and keep it up, so I'm curious if I can give her a consolation prize to work toward if she sleeps through the night again tonight.

Will have to think on that.  What's the right leverage?  What will inspire her, but not cave to giving her what she lost.  I'll think up something.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

6 Full Nights... But Who's Counting?

Again, I must restate, I don't feel we did anything much different than before, maybe a better leverage, or she just cowboy'd up. But Ashton has slept through these past 6 nights!  It is a HUGE milestone for us. Sleep!!

So if she makes it, Saturday we'll go to a store of her choosing and Sunday back to the Museum.  She's so excited about it. She can't decide if she wants Build-A-Bear, Lego Store, or what.

What's also amazing, is before going for her bath, she cleaned up her play area all by herself.  She insisted it be cleaned. She put everything up without being told!  It was so good! Very proud of this girl. She's growing up!
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

2 Full Nights

So last night Ashton slept through the night.  However, she did whimper around 7am.  I thought it was her usual, I'm up are you what do I do?  But it wasn't.  I came in and asked what was wrong.

She said, "I'm scared."  I asked of what.

She said she was cold and wet.  I looked down and felt.  The bed was soaked.  We got a free bag of pull ups and used them for the first time.  Obviously, they don't work for overnight.  Got it.

I got pulled her sheets off and took off her pjs and got her in new ones.  I told her she could play as quiet as a mouse and we'd still go to the Children's Museum if she let us sleep in a bit more.  She nodded and I went back to bed.

She was good.  We were going to go to church, but my husband's back was acting up and I was fighting a headache. So we made a slow morning of it.

We ended up at the Museum, and Ashton wanted to go on the carousel first thing.  She had been talking all week if she got to go to the museum she would go on the up and down carousel.  As she's only rode the stationary animals.  So we asked her which parent she wanted to start with and she didn't care, she just wanted on.

I took her and she wanted to ride a reindeer, but they were taken, so we went for a horse, but she was too scared to ride an up and down horse, so I put her on a stationary horse.  I asked her why, knowing she was scared.  I told her I'd be there, nothing to be scared of, that she was talking about it... nothing swayed her until I told her there was a seat belt.  A little black belt that I could tie around her waist so she wouldn't fall off.  Then she agreed.

We moved to the horse up front which was a moving horse.  And I tied her to him.  It started off and her eyes got wide, but she didn't cry, didn't smile, just took it in for a moment.  I leaned over to her and said, "Smile".  And a big grin came across her face.

Then she wanted to ride with Daddy, then Mommy, then Daddy.  She rode 4 times in a row!  All on moving animals!

As we went to explore other parts of the Museum, Ashton made sure to tell me, "Next time, I go on a higher horse on the carousel."  I just laughed.

Then Ashton found one of those 5 cent horse rides.  She scrambled on top and begged us to make it move.  We had dimes but no nickels.  So I went to about 6 couples until I found someone that could trade a dime for a nickel as no one had 2.  We were lucky to get 1.

We started it up and it gave Ashton a jolt!  But she ended up liking it.

We spent time in China again, and we went to the trains... Ashton loved it.  But she started yawning... it was nap time.  So we loaded up and went home.

She had a great time.  We told her she could go again next weekend if she kept up sleeping through the night and we'd add lunch anywhere she wants.  She got very excited... we'll see if this keeps up.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Good Night

Last night we sat down with Ashton and told her we were taking the playpen out of our room.  We've had it there for the nights we are too tired to rock her back to sleep for an hour or more back to sleep about 4 times a night.  She doesn't sleep well.  But she just doesn't like being alone.  We've been very good about staying in her room til she's asleep every time, but when we're too exhausted we just take her to the play pen to sleep and she does great, other than waking up about 7am every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day as we beg for more sleep.

We decided we'd try something different this weekend.  Though we've bribed up and down forever trying to get her to sleep through the night, we showed her us taking down her play pen and we sat down all together asking her to be a big girl.  That if she slept through the night we'd go for donuts, and if she slept through a second night, she'd get the children's museum.

About 4:30am, Dawson was whining to go outside.  He hadn't been feeling well, and he usually doesn't have to go out.  So my hubby took him out and I heard Ashton whimpering... not crying.  So I thought I'd check in on her.

Peyton, our beloved cat that adores Ashton, was climbing all over her.  She sleeps with her every night.  So I moved Peyton off and told Ashton how good she was not crying and to go back to sleep.  I'd stay.  In five minutes she fell asleep.  And as she didn't cry, and I wasn't up another hour, I didn't count this one.

7am Khaleesi is ready to go outside.  She has a weak bladder, so we have to take her out at 7am every morning, else she'll pee in her crate.  She was so excited as she always is and her tail thumping and a couple quick barks.  So Ashton was up.  She yelled, "Mommy, Daddy, time to get up!"  I went in her room and told her to play for an hour as we were just taking Khaleesi out potty and we needed the extra rest.  I told her if she did, we'd go for donuts after.  She said okay.

So Ashton played in her room quietly.

We got up and told her how good she was.  Ashton exclaimed, "I slept through the night."  And though I went in twice... I don't think they counted and I wanted her to have positive reinforcement for her wonderful efforts!

So we went to get donuts.

Ashton was so excited to go.  When we got there we asked what she wanted.  We got a bunch of donut holes.  We got the chocolate donuts she wanted.  But when we sat down all she wanted was the powdered donuts.

She was so cute with power on her face, but she did very well not to overdo it.

And unlike last week she did well during Chinese dance class today.  She even got to dance with a ribbon and keep it off the ground.  They tried to get her to spin a star on her finger, but it was too big and kept slapping her in the face.

Later, LauLau came over and we played some dice games.  Ashton helped out where she could.  We were learning this new dice game and my husband was killing it so I'd tell him "Quit cheating!" and he'd smile and we'd loose.  We'll after a couple times of this Ashton jumps down from her chair and said, "Your all cheating!" and we just broke out into laughter.  She was quite the entertainer tonight.

We just got her down to bed, and we're anxious to see if she'll sleep through the night or not, she's not been able to do 2 nights in a row since she started not sleeping. Very curious to see what happens.

Here's hoping we go to the Children's Museum tomorrow.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

Ashton with her BFF Fegan the fox. She was insistent to have her photo taken with him.
Over the weekend I opened up the 18-24 month of clothes box.  I have many future boxes of clothes for this girl.  One of the fun perks of waiting was therapy shopping and then when opening these boxes remembering "Oh, yeah I remember getting that" and getting excited for her to wear it.

In the 18-24 month box of clothes were 2 outfits that LauLau had a hand in.  She crocheted two skirts onto shirts and made dresses for Ashton.  We thought it'd be something she'd wear very soon as she was 17 months old and the dresses were 18-24 months... but here she is 3 years and 3 months old and now just getting to wear it.

Regardless, LauLau - my mother adores this child.  She went to China with us.  She's hand made (crocheted) toys for her, and outfits, and helped hem up many clothes.  She remembers silly things and goes all over the city to find the girl a chapstick with a fox on it!  She's a very loving and amazing woman who loves her granddaughter fiercely... as she should.

So regardless, when Ashton wore LauLau's creation today, I had to take a picture.  So you know the old joke - what's black and white and red all over?  Well, the answer is now Ashton's penguin outfit.

I will take pics of the second outfit she made as well when Ashton wears it.  It's just as adorably cute!

Anyhow, it was perfect weather and perfect timing to wear the crocheted dress.  I kept telling her to be careful with the skirt and not to get it dirty or snagged.  She was so careful, she was afraid to eat breakfast this morning, so not to ruin the crocheted skirt!  She's so sweet!

Anyhow, thank you Mom for being you and showering Ashton with these beautiful gems of gifts.  She looks great!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Castles, Hippos, and Blue

This weekend was lots of fun... just downtime at home.  Saturday, Ashton and I played with her castle blocks.

Castle we built together (came with instructions).

Ashton's castle.

 Ashton's castle demolished.

Stacking up a long tower.

Our castles side by side.

My hubby brought out the board so we had better support for our castles.

Ashton is pleased with her work... moments before she destroyed them!

Castles were fun, but Ashton was dying to go outside.  And as it was a heat wave, of 50 degrees we let her ride and play outside for quite awhile.  She was on cloud nine.  It's just been too cold to go outside and this girl loves being outdoors.

Then it was Chinese dance class... Ashton wasn't in the mood to listen that day.  She just jumped around rather than follow their lead, but she still had a lot of fun.

Sunday Ashton was so excited to wear her Frozen shoes, her first heels.  Who knew they made it for kids that young?

Later she played Doctor Ashton with Daddy.  He had the severe case of having a Hippopotamus in the ear.

Then we decked Ashton out in her Colts blue for the big game.  Yes, slaughtered... but Ashton had fun catching the football throughout the first half of the game before bedtime!

Nothing really big or exciting, but great family time none the less.

If we can just get this girl to sleep through the night, then all would be amazing!  That would be the one thing... but I suppose that is what makes these moments balance out and feel real.  At least 1 - 3 times a night she's up and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get her back down.  But as long as I'm in the room with her, she's content.  I just am not sleeping.  The hubby and I take turns during the night, but sometimes she gets the dogs riled up and then it's no good for anyone.  But again, she is fine during the day.  And this didn't start since we had her home, but over a year later... strange.  But other than that, all is going well.  And we'll count and focus on that.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Doctor, Vet, or Violinist

Ashton has never been an indecisive girl.  She always knows what she wants and how she wants it.  Everything has a method or a way of doing them.  Mess up that routine and she has a breakdown.

For example, this morning we were running late so I decided she could eat breakfast in the car on the way to daycare.  She flipped.  That's not how it's done.  You have breakfast at the table.  Don't change the routine.

Regardless, my girl is laid back and easy going.  Fun time and things that aren't part of the routine are fair game.  Not everything has to be just so... but everyday scheduled things. Yes.

So I think violin lessons work for her because she has to do it just so... it fits that passion and structure she has inside of her.

She loves that she has to place her feet just this way and that she must play the bow between the two strips of tape, I mean who pays attention to that detail and wants to do it?  It's awesome.

But she's also getting a bit carried away, like wanting to wash her hands all the time and wanting to say grace, before we've sat down and are still getting last minute things ready for dinner, but she's ready.  She knows it must be done and in her mind it's now.

She's also very sure of herself when she plays doctor or vet.  She will check our ears... Daddy was very sick he had a pig in one ear and a dog in the other.  Pigs in the ear seems to be easy to catch as we seem to be sick with it all the time!  She'll give us a shot and it has to be done just so, and you can't interrupt her process.  She knows just what to do.

Even last night, I was sick with a pig in both ears, but caught for the first time an elephant in my nose.  Wow!  I didn't know I was that sick.  But "Doctor Ashton" as she calls herself gave me plenty of shots and medicine to get better.

She also takes care of a stuffed Dalmatian toy, that gets sick a lot.  I don't know if he catches the pig in the ear that's going around, but she luckily only administers to him and not any of our family pets.

It's always a fun time with our budding doctor, vet, and violinist!
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How We're Doing the First Week of the New Year

Ashton is doing great!  Nothing really to report.  But sometimes the mundane stuff is just as important as the big stuff.

We've had snow, but today was our first big snow.  I don't know the total count, maybe 4-6 inches.

Ashton is super excited about the snow.  She begged to walk in it on the way to daycare this morning.  And as their drive way wasn't shoveled, she got her wish.  She was on cloud nine.  She wanted to go home and play in it, but it got too dark by then.  But the temperature is supposed to plummet tonight.  It is about 21 degrees for her to play a short time, but tomorrow a high of 5 degrees (with wind chill it'll be a high of -15 degrees or so!) Therefore no playing outside tomorrow.

Khaleesi hasn't gotten her exercising and has been chewing on things she shouldn't.  So we're trying to be more diligent with her.  It's got to be hard for her.  She just wants to run and play, and it's just not the weather to go out and do that right now.  It's times like this I wish I had a fenced yard or a yard at all.

The other dogs don't mind and love snuggling up together.  We've all enjoyed fires, playing dominoes together and Ashton's cards.  But Ashton has really enjoyed her puzzles and playing with apps mostly.

Ashton has been singing around the house.  She used to just ask us to sing, but now she is.  And her songs of choice, Christmas carols.  "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" are her most popular songs to sing.  It makes her very happy.

Her potty training is going VERY well.   She's pretty much potty trained at daycare, with minimal accidents.  She wears panties to daycare now.  And she loves her newest panties.  She has Frozen and Supergirl and Wonder Woman themed underwear.  She may not care what I dress her in, but she is rather particular about what panties she wants to wear that day.  It's adorable.  She wears her panties at home too, but wears diapers or pullups when we're out and about.  Though I've forgotten a time or two, and you should see it.  It's like she knows when we're in the grocery store and we're the furthest from the restrooms and she's in her panties, that's the time she has to go and I'm racing her to the bathrooms!  Those are the moments I like least.  She even mentioned needing to go once in the car (with her panties on) and I hurried and pulled over to a store and we got to the toilets in time!!  Thank goodness no accidents in the stores.  We're so proud of her!

I cut her hair for the first time last night.  Nothing big.  I have always cut her bangs since the terrible cutting incident in August of 2013!  But this time I cut her actual hair.  It was getting really long and I wanted more of the layered look.

That's about it for now.  Just the normal stuff.  Good stuff. We are blessed.
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in 2015

Last year I found the PERFECT new year's eve/day outfit.  It was a onesie with a sewn in tutu.  Ashton looked great in it!  Even with her cast on her leg; she rocked that outfit.

This year, though smaller, I thought she can still rock that outfit!!  I just added leggings to keep her modest.  She loved wearing the outfit!

She wore it yesterday to a Christmas Eve party, all day today, and wants to wear it tomorrow to daycare!  She loves special outfits!!

So we got her dressed and she begged to wear the fox hat and gloves she got for Christmas!  She looked adorable.  She loves the gloves a lot because usually with her tiny, tiny hands she can only wear mittens.  Well, she got fingerless gloves, that go to the tips of her fingers.  So they're perfect for her and she feels so special!  But if her fingers do get chilly, she can move the foxes over her fingers and they turn into mittens.

We got to the party and as Ashton had no problem staying up until 2am last year, we didn't worry about her staying up until midnight this year.  Her bedtime is way earlier, but we knew staying up wasn't any problem.

Close to midnight everyone got champagne and Ashton got sparkling apple juice.  She was so excited to clink her glass and say Happy New Year and get kisses and say Cheers.  then she went out with the "older" kids (8-13 years) and bagged on pots and pans.  She loved it!

Instead of staying at the party really late like we did last year, we left around 12:30am, because this little girl wanted to go to the Children's Museum in the morning.

It was hard to get up, but Ashton was so excited about it so much, we were happy to take her.

We got on the carousel and rode it twice.  Then we went to the construction area, where she move pullies and drove a bulldozer.  Then she made her way to the sand box and music room.  Afterwards, we did our traditional China stop and hugged her favorite buddies.

Then it was playing cook, followed by going down a big slide.  We ended the Museum trip with buying her a colors/shapes Star Wars activity coloring book.

She had a great time at the museum.  Wish I could say we all crashed after that, but we kept going all day with errands to catch up on.  A crazy, busy day to start in the new year, but wouldn't change a thing!
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