Monday, December 28, 2015

The Promised 2015 Christmas Photos/Christmas Card

Here are our funny Christmas photos. The colored one was just for fun. The black and white one went out as a Christmas card.

Everyone liked them but Grandma. She didn't like that we were so sad! She's funny!

The crazy thing is we did these photos on our own. And Ashton stayed tied up no problem. She was so well behaved through the whole thing. It was keeping Khaleesi in a sit and stay while wrapping lights around her. It took many takes, but well worth it!

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Very Busy Christmas Day

Christmas morning Ashton, my husband, and I got up all at the same time. We were so worried she'd get up way before us. But it worked out well.

I got her dressed and myself, while the hubby cooked breakfast, a rare treat.

I took some quick snapshots. I didn't worry too much, as I knew my husband would take some brilliant ones on his camera. Little did we know that he didn't have SD cards in them so all the shots he took, gone. No internal memory in his camera!

So we opened our stockings first and had breakfast. Ashton wanted to drink out of her new cup she got yesterday from her Aunt D. Instead of a breakfast prayer, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.

We then headed to our tree and opened gifts.

She was very excited about a lot of her gifts, but she was also excited to pass out gifts to us. The cute thing when she'd read the tags would she'd say "From Ashton, to Santa". She'd flip her 'from' and 'to' every time. It was neat how she started recognizing our names and Santa's on the tags.

We have a video game called Infinity. It has a toy box mode that Ashton loves to play in. She'll jump around and drive, she has a blast. Well, she loves Disgust from "In and Out", so she got the character to play the Infinity game. Best part is, we love hearing her say the word 'disgust'. It's not just the regular way, she says it so pronounced, it's adorable! So I had to get video of her saying it! It was great!

My mom, Grandma, and brother then came over. We did more present exchanges and more photos (or so we thought).

Then we Skyped with my father and Ashton opened her gifts from Grammy and Grandpy.

Then the six of us headed off to Christmas dinner at Aunt D's.

We ate so much! It was so good! Then we took a ton of photos (again with my hubby's camera with no memory) of the family, his family, my family, all sorts of photos with all different people in them. When it was my Mom's family she asked for some with her camera phone. So these are the only shots we got!

We then headed home for some board games. This time Ashton didn't cry at not winning The Christmas Game. And she enjoyed a visit with Keegan. LauLau's new puppy finally got a name, though Ashton insists on calling him Jingle!

It was a very fun and very busy day! We are very blessed and are thankful for these times with family and a chance to celebrate the birth of our King!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 24: Cross

Here is our girl with her newly washed hair ready for Christmas with her LAST Truth in the Tinsel. The Cross. I told her to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and tried to record it, but I go her looking left more than anything with her watching her Daddy. I kept asking her to look at me, then she'd look the other way! Silly, girl. I finally got her looking at the camera. Just no birthday song. Oh, well. Hope she sleeps well as she's excited for Christmas morning.

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Christmas Eve with Pop

We had a special kid's Christmas Eve service. I'm used to going to Midnight Mass, but not an early kid's version. We were excited to go. But once there, Ashton was cranky and tired. She had a short nap and that made for an unhappy girl. We held her most of the time with her face buried in our shoulder.

We had a little down time before we had to go to Pop's house. Luckily she started perking up.

Since my husband's family roots are German, Christmas Eve is more like Christmas day. It works out great for us. So we always go to Christmas Eve service then end the night over at Pop's and get to open a couple gifts from my husband's side of the family and go home for our Christmas on Christmas day.

Here is Ashton with her cousin, Mr. K. He is only 5 months older than her. Man, I'm learning fast how tiny my girl really is! I just tell everyone my girl is perfect and everyone else are giants!

While Aunt D was at Disney World with Ashton's cousin Mr. K - they were in Epcot and stopped by "China". There they found a mug that said Ashton. Please understand how amazing that is; you can hardly ever find anything that says Ashton. And not only does that have her name it also spells out Ashton in Mandarin characters! So double bonus! Add that it's not ceramic but plastic and with pandas, it's a hug win-win-win! We all love it so much! What a thoughtful gift!

Well, we found out what Pop bought our girl from Christmas this year. And since it went with something we were going to give our girl on Christmas, we decided we had to give it to her early on Christmas Eve.

My girl was interested in girly things. Not necessarily a doll, but the accessories. She wanted to dress a doll up, play with "food" and a car etc. But you can't do that without a doll. We looked at the off brand dolls, but she really wanted one that looked like her. So that meant the brand doll. That narrowed it down to 2 dolls. One with and one without bangs. She said she wanted one with bangs.

So without her knowledge I got her the doll. She opened her up on Christmas Eve. I asked he what she wanted to name the doll. She said, "Grandma"! I said that no, that was probably not a good idea. Then she said Rey (from Star Wars). I said fine.

So now Ashton has Rey. And she got Rey a day early because what Pop wanted to get her. And it was a hit! However, since it wasn't our house, she got to look at it and not play with it. We promised to have it all opened to play with tomorrow.

Ashton wearing Rey's Santa hat.

She was thrilled to get a diner set or "restaurant" from Pop. It was what she truly wanted. The accessories with the food items and stuff to play with. But looking at it rather than playing with it can only take you so far, so she ended up playing with her cousin's new toys. 

They chased each other around with the Star Wars space ships. Ashton was the Millennium Falcon while Mr. K was the Tie Fighter. What was so cute, was rather than making ship noises, Ashton chased around singing the Imperial March song (though she was on the rebel side). It was so amusing!

So we got a little snapshot of how Christmas day will be! It'll be a fun and overwhelming day, I'm sure.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

But I Wanna Win

We typically play The Christmas Game several ties during the holidays. It's great this year, because Ashton can play with us, and on her own. She even passes out the "presents" we buy and matches the number on the present. A couple nights ago, Ashton won and it was great. A fun time. Today, I won. And Ashton didn't like it one bit! It's not always fun and games, I guess. I wonder if she'll have a competitive spirit. I'll have to help her learn to lose gracefully.

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Day 23: Gifts

Ashton wanted her "gift" to be very colorful. She didn't think Jesus as a gift and wasn't thinking of Santa, but wanted her gift, this coloring to be special and colorful. So that is in the spirit and along the same vein, I think. So points there. Sometimes we get a home run, and others not so much. And sometimes just glimmers of hope. But whatever this Truth in the Tinsel is, I think overall it's good for her soul.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 22: Wise Men

I really like reading about the wise men. I don't know why, if it was because they traveled so far, were able to trick Herod, the gifts they brought, or kings bowing to The King... I just do. I even was a King in one of my church's Christmas pageants when I was a kid. I loved it. But so far, not a big impression on Ashton. But that's okay. She can have her favorites and I mine. And I know as the years go by and she is less a little girl and more a lady she'll have more favorites and amazing insights.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dinner with the Godparents

I hate that we forgot to take photos while visiting the Godparents. I'm really disappointed about that. But more importantly we spent time together and had fun. So, in lieu of photos there, I have a snapshot of her little smirk I love and from today.

This blog is a love letter to my child, for her and about her and what we went to get her and how she grew up. So it's not perfect and it's not always written as eloquently as I'd like, but it's definitely 100% me to her. And today was a great chapter in this life.

Her Godparents astound me. She has two set of Godparents. One is my BFF in Finland and her husband. My hubby and I are Godparents to their children as they are ours. We try so hard to stay connected though time differences and schedules and being so far away. But they're awesome and we Skype as much as we can and both our girls can't wait to meet someday. Then there is Ashton's other set of Godparents that lives here and are just as amazing! They are so involved with her life and they don't have to be. They aren't family - they're good friends, but chose to be family to us and to her anyway.

They go visit her at daycare and bring donuts. They go to her violin recitals. They celebrate her Gotcha anniversaries. They have us over for Christmas. They celebrate her birthdays. And all the little events and moments in between. They're so good to her.

Tonight we went for the annual Christmas dinner. They're children were there as well. This is them from last year.

Anyhow, they made Ashton's favorites for dinner. Then we had cupcakes for dessert. We forgot our Christmas Game, which is a huge tradition to play in my family. So we promised to rejoin for a game night soon. Then came presents. Ashton was tickled with her puzzles and clothes and tea set. She had a great time. They got down on the floor with her and play tea and helped with teh puzzles and let her run around like the monkey she is.

Of course on of her favorite things to do there is play with their dog, Rita! And Rita just adores her and us. It's a fun time.

But by the end of our visit she curled up with Mr. J and said how tired she was. Tired? My girl? tired? Really? Was this a ploy, and if so, for what? So we went home. She crashed hard not long after.

I'm so thankful that Mr. J and Miss J have encircled our family as they have and consider us as their own. We are so thankful to have amazing friends like them and I'm so glad Ashton has them in her life.

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