Friday, December 5, 2014

Sprucing Up an Old Wreath

Not an Ashton post, but I didn't know where else to document it... I couldn't tell the story properly if they were just photos in an album on Facebook... so here it is.

I am not sure when, but when I was in my first apartment, I bought my first wreath.  I remember buying this wreath.  There were dozens of different kinds, but this one was unique.  Never saw one like it.  In all the duplicate wreath styles, this wreath was the last one available.  This wreath have lovely subdue colored fruit and 3 peacock feathers.  It was so elegant.  I hung it on the outside of my apartment door.  It did well as my front door was inside a hallway.

Well, a couple years later, I move into my first house.  And this wreath went on our front door.  The freezing temperatures cracked the fruit.

After packing and unpacking one peacock feather ended up disappearing and another got ruined.

Berries chipped and cracked.

One fruit altogether lost all it's color and was just a white styrofoam ball.

It lost it's luster and festiveness.  I wondered why I even put it up anymore.  Over the years, I've bought and made more wreaths.  But none stirred me as this one did in it's original glory.

So last night I broke down and decided to give it a make over.  I bought new peacock feathers.

I bought new lustrous fruit.

I was so worried I'd make it worse.  Or that the new fruit was too colorful.  I pulled off the first tarnished peacock feather and replaced it with new.  I then pulled off the old fruits and left their speks to hold the new fruit.  I even had more fruit to decorate in new places.  I clipped off the old chipped berries and added a few new ones.  The whole process only took about half an hour.


I breathed new life into the wreath.  And this time it won't hang outside.  It's new home is on our front door, hanging on the inside!  I'm very happy how it came out. Merry Christmas to me!
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