Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reading and a Green Watch

Ashton loves to be read to every night.  We have a wide array of books for her.  Lately, her favorites are the Christmas themed ones... from Nativity stories, to the Nutcracker, to Christmas celebration books.

Last night, Ashton decided to read to me for a change.  She started with "Merry Christmas, Stinky Face" and progressed to "'Twas the Night Before Christmas".  Here is a glimpse of her "reading" me stories.

As far as other news, I have been very laid back about Ashton's potty training.  Whenever she's ready, I encourage her, I'll ask her, but I don't punish her or push her to get trained.  She's good a few months, then looses interest.

However, her pediatrician told me I better get on it.  She wants her fully potty trained before she's 2 and a half.  I didn't know there was a deadline.  Now I feel pressure.

I've been trying to find subtle ways to get her excited about it again.  Treats aren't working.  I bought her panties, which she is excited about yet isn't motivating her to do anything.  

I've gotten her daycare involved.  We're going to try and be more encouraging.  I gave them a pair of her future panties as motivation.  They're starting a sticker chart with treat rewards every few stickers.

And I just bought my girl a potty watch.  It comes in green!  She was so excited to get it today after daycare.  She tries to wear my watch all the time on her little wrist.

I hate trying to be proactive on this, because I keep hearing when they're ready it'll just happen.  However, like I said, since her pediatrician is now concerned... it's laying on guilt I didn't have before.

I have a feeling this will be a futile attempt.  But I'm putting in more of an effort, just to try.  We'll see.

So far with the watch, it's been hit or miss... still went in her diaper, but peed a bit in the potty. But she loves the songs on the watch and gets excited when it goes off.  That's something.

Curious to see how the watch works at daycare tomorrow.

And just a cute tid bit... this girl loves to help clean... here she is mopping our floors!  Ha!  So cute!

Hope this enthusiasm to clean stays when she can be more helpful.
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