Saturday, December 6, 2014

Prepping for Tomorrow

Today, I decided I wanted Ashton to look super cute.   I've had this outfit I bought from a second -hand store since waiting to be matched.  And now she's wearing it... and oh, boy is she darling!!

She wore her hat most of the time, which had me very impressed.

First, it was off to violin rehearsal with to practice with all the other kids.  Ashton of course was the youngest, and the only one with her parent with her.

I wanted to take photos, but I knew it'd be distracting... but it was so cute to see her do it along with all the other children, young and old alike!

My husband was with her and helped balance her violin, as Ashton was overcome with all the people and began shaking.  But once the music started, she was good.  She was playing with barely any help from Daddy.  He just made sure her bow stayed centered and she had confidence to do it.  And she did.  When it came to the jingle bells, she got nervous picking a bell, and wanted to sit in Daddy's lap.  But she shook her bells with the best of them.

But during rehearsal she wanted to stay to watch the kids play their violins.  She loved listening to them.

Tomorrow her Godparents, a family friend, and her Lau Lau will be there to support her!  We can't wait to see everyone.

Then Ashton asked to go to Taco Bell.  And since she was so good during practice, we decided why not.  Then 9 service men and women came in to eat.  Upon leaving, I paid for 9 cinnamon twists to thank them for their service to our country.

A few hours later we were off again to go to her first Chinese dance lessons.  A girl, junior from high school, is offering to teach children Chinese dance, for free.  Just because she wants to give back.  Ashton and another girl, Ms. L were there.  They started with stretches.

Then they played some fun Chinese songs and danced around.  Ashton had to stop and visit a few times so I went upstairs so not to interrupt.  But it was so cute, and the girls had a great time!  At the end they gave her a candy cane.  Ashton liked her teacher Ms. E and is excited about returning next week!

Then Ashton changed back in her super-cute outfit and we stopped by a Christmas party!

They did White Elephant game, and we were number 4.  Ashton picked out the gift and loved see what everyone got.  We had a good time.  Ashton loved eating all the chocolate and popcorn and cake!  She wants to go to more Christmas parties!

We ended the night in time to do Truth in the Tinsel.  Then she conked out. She has a big day tomorrow!

Loving these moments with our girl!
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